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    Wednesday October 24, 2018
  • Macross and Escaflowne Creator Shares the Secrets of his Genre-Defining Creativity

    Shoji Kawamori described his creative past and process at Otakon 2018!

    Shoji Kawamori visited Otakon 2018 to deliver a pair of panels outlining his nearly 40 years in the anime industry, covering everything from the history of Macross to the inner workings of his creative process. Hit the jump for the highlights!

  • Tuesday October 23, 2018
  • The 5 Most Loved and Hated Vampires in Anime

    According to the fans at Anime-Planet!

    Taking Japan's interest with blood types to new extremes, the nocturnal creatures are on the prowl for your blood. That is, untll they realize how special you are and feel super conflicted about what kind of thirst they're experiencing when they catch a glimpse of your neck. At least, that's what this list leads me to believe. Hit the jump for part 4 of our 5-Part Halloween-themed October special, the 5 most loved and hated vampires!

  • Monday October 22, 2018
  • INTERVIEW: Escaflowne Creator Talks Mecha, Anime, and Manipulating Fate!

    An interview with Shoji Kawamori at Otakon 2018!

    The legendary Shoji Kawamori visited DC to promote his newest anime Junshinki Pandora and discuss his almost 40 years working in anime and mecha. He was kind enough to offer interviews, so I sat down with him to spend each and every precious moment selfishly sating my own curiosity about his work. Hit the jump for the full interview!

  • Friday October 19, 2018
  • Black Clover: Quartet Knights Has a Great Foundation but Needs Direction

    Quartet Knights has the makings of a competitive or party game but doesn't commit to either

    Shonen Jump games are trying out all kinds of new things with the brand new look of the massive crossover title Jump Force and novel game types for stadalone titles like Shinobi Striker and Black Clover: Quartet Knights. The adaptation of Yuki Tabata's hit takes elements from competitive MOBA and FPS titles for an interesting design, but doesn't quite commit to a gaming audience itself. Hit the jump for the full review!

  • Wednesday October 17, 2018
  • The Best Anime OPs and EDs of Fall 2018 That Aren't JoJo

    A whole playlist of the best anime bookends of the season!

    One of the greatest gifts that anime gives to us are OPs and EDs to set the emotional tone for the episode and stick with us for years, sometimes longer than the anime itself! Hit the jump for some of the best this season has to offer that aren't Jojo!

  • Tuesday October 16, 2018
  • The 5 Most Loved and Hated Werewolves in Anime

    According to the fans at Anime-Planet!

    Half-man and half-wolf, werewolves transform in the light of the full moon or, more often, whenever they want really, into in bloodthirsty beast. Or maybe just the head of the newspaper club? Tragically playing second fiddle to vampires, werewolves have a lot of unexplored potential waiting to be appreicated! Hit the jump for part 3 of our 5-Part Halloween-themed October special, the 5 most loved and hated werewolves!

  • Monday October 15, 2018
  • 7 Anime Characters Who Can Beat the Crap Out of Goku

    Just a few characters that would 100% beat Son Goku in a 1v1

    Comparing power levels is an honored pastime among Dragon Ball fans, leading to all kinds of speculation about who would be who when. Why leave it just to Dragon Ball characters, though? Power levels aren't anything and anime has a ton of truly overpowered individuals. Son Goku may have one of the most impressive fight records in the galaxy, but you can hit the jump for 7 characters that can definitely take him in a fight!

  • Friday October 12, 2018
  • Boruto Fixes Naruto's Greatest Flaw

    Naruto's inspirational message isn't perfect so Boruto looks to fix it!

    Naruto had same great messages about being compassionate, ending cyclical violence, and always believing in yourself. Unfortunately some were better executed than others. Naruto's never give up message fell short in the end, but Boruto picks up the slack by looking at the same situation in a brand new light! Hit the jump for how Boruto fixes Naruto's greatest flaw!

  • Thursday October 11, 2018
  • Peter's Fall 2018 Anime Premiere Recommendations

    Peter shares his favorite first episodes from the fall season!

    It's me, the guy who watches every premiere to provide you with a curated list of the strongest first episodes of the season! Fall has brought back a ton of fan favorites, more shonen action series, and, as usual, a few surprises! Hit the jump for the best premieres of Fall 2018!

  • Tuesday October 9, 2018
  • The 5 Most Loved and Hated Demons in Anime

    According to the fans at Anime-Planet!

    You figure they would pretty reliably be the bad guys, but anime has a way of taking liberties with common assumptions. Evil or not, they're definitely from hell, or at least their parents are. Hit the jump for part 2 of our 5-Part Halloween-themed October special, top 5 loved and hated demons in anime!

  • Monday October 8, 2018
  • Dead or Alive 6 and Warriors Orochi 4 Take a New Direction While Nelke Looks Back on Atelier!

    Our hands-on experience with KT's latest titles at their October showcase!

    Koei Tecmo hosted a preview showcase this month where they were showing off Dead or Alive 6, Warriors Orochi 4, and the 20 anniversary release of AtelierNelke & the Legendary Alchemist:Ateliers of the New World! We were on site to try out each of the new titles! Hit the jump for our hands-on impressions!

  • Sunday October 7, 2018
  • 7 Touching Moments from The Ancient Magus' Bride

    Let's celebrate the anniversary of one of last year's most evocative anime!

    Exactly one year ago The Ancient Magus' Bride experienced its premiere, introducing us to Kore Yamazaki's beautiful world of magic. In two seasons it showed us the tale of Chise's growth from a hopeless victim of fate to powerful and altruistic mage. Hit the jump to celebrate along with us by witnessing some of its most touching scenes!

  • Friday October 5, 2018
  • INTERVIEW: DARLING in the FRANXX Creators Talk Franxx, TRIGGER, and Zero Two!

    An interview with Atsushi Nishigori, Masayoshi Tanaka, and Yuichi Fukushima at Crunchyroll Expo 2018!

    The director, character designer, and producer of DARLING in the FRANXX, Atsushi Nishigori, Masayoshi Tanaka, and Yuichi Fukushima made the trip to San Jose for Crunchyroll Expo 2018! During the convention, we were able to take a whole hour from their busy schedule to ask some questions about their work on the project from start to finish! Hit the jump for the full interview!

  • The Stakes are Higher Than Ever in Sword Art Online: Alicization!

    Greater dangers face both Kirito and the entire world!

    Alicization is the biggest season yet for Sword Art Online, telling a story not only four TIMES longer than the previous arcs, but also raising the stakes to unbelievable levels not only for the characters, but also the entire Sword Art Online universe. Hit the jump to see how the outcome of this arc could affect the would outside the game!

  • Thursday October 4, 2018
  • INTERVIEW: Yoshitoshi ABe and Rie Ogura Talk RErideD and Their Illustrious Careers!

    An Interview with Yoshitoshi ABe and Rie Ogura at Crunchyroll Expo 2018!

    Yoshitoshi ABe and Rie Ogura dropped into Crunchyroll Expo 2018 with a new anime on the way, time traveling science fiction RErideD: Derrida, who leaps through time experienced its two episode world premiere at the convention and they were on site for panels and press junkets. Between their many obligations, I was able to ask them some questions about their careers and newest anime! Hit the jump for the full interview!