❝ W E L C O M E ❞

  • Umbreonlegend
    one day ago
    These recalls makes me a emotional wreck haha
  • lasseagent
    10 days ago
    Hello im new here
  • kufirst
    22 days ago
    me too! a lot of people can't bear recaps or flashbacks but with one piece i love them. they will never not stir my soul.
  • Suous
    22 days ago
    this current ep was recap yet i still shed a tear.
  • NBlueDeww
    23 days ago
    Regalaré las cuentas premium de crunchyroll 100% como quieras (con premium / sin premium, autoajustable, 1/3/12 meses y más)/I'll be giving away crunchyroll premium accounts 100% as you want (with premium / no premium,and more!!)
  • NBlueDeww
    23 days ago
    Regalo Cuentas Crunchyroll Premium/Gift Crunchyroll Premium Accounts
  • EfTale
    25 days ago
    Pirate EfTale reporting for duty, where's the treasure
  • subliminalphil
    26 days ago
    hi! i'm glad to join this group!!!
  • Barrymai
    27 days ago
    One piece is real and than dies few seconds RIP WB chan
  • mugiwaraboshii
    28 days ago
    yes we got super powers
  • BollinBiggs
    28 days ago
    What up my guys!
  • Sudaria7
    29 days ago
    hello one piece fanss!!!
  • sayumin0911
    Hi guys, in your opinion, what's One Piece?
  • thatkidnamedari
    I see you!!
  • PirateKingRoger
    oh? a group dedicated to my treasure?
  • ultravoxo
    Joined toooday! hi everybody!
  • kufirst
    Welcome to the group!
  • FallingDark
    I really want to be in this group
  • sea2cave
    one punch man is here
  • Noirite
    Just joined