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Is Sword Art Online Good?

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Posted 2/15/19 , edited 2/16/19
I liked it well enough, my interest waned after season 1 but Alicization was a step up
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Posted 4/9/19 , edited 4/27/19
I mean to be completely honest. I watched it out of curiosity because all my buddies said it was bad. And I just fell in love with it. I loved the concept and the story. Some of these plotholes that people put out are easily explained with rational thinking and dont really ruin the experience. Asuna and kirito relationship really grew on me. And this harem as a hate reason is ridicilous. Not every girl who behaves friendly towards the main character is automaticly heat magnet. Socially awkward guys only think that a girl smiling means that she is in love with you. Only one of the "harem" members started to have feelings towards kirito and she dropped it instantly when she realised that the guy was the one Asuna was set on.

ALO arc wasnt as great as the SAO arc, but I enjoyed it nevertheless it managed to make me hate the main villain so much. Then again it's not hard to hate old money rich asshole who gropes main characters wife. oh and plans to marry her while she is in comatose state. The finale was satisfactory to see Kirito take not only revenge but also practice restraint.

The recap movie wasnt too bad with the ALO story at the end and Ordinal Scale was fucking superb.

Second season in GGO and Mother Rosario arc were both absolutely brilliant.

Alicazation is ok but not really my cup of tea. I wanted more Asuna tho the GGO scene at the beginning seeing the whole group In there with GGO gear was great. But alicizations own story felt kinda transparent I knew from the getgo the fate of eugeo without reading the lightnovels.
but It wasnt all that bad. But War for the Underworld is going to be great. (yes I read the lightnovels because I hate cliffhangers.)
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