FEBRUARY 2017 UPDATE: PSA - Show Discussion and other Anime Forum Threads

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Posted 9/11/16 , edited 14 days ago
4/8/18 - minor update adding "or reasonable equivalent" to the guideline about start time, to accommodate situations where a show may be broadly and legally available to English language viewers slightly earlier than Japanese broadcast time

Feb 9 2017
See end of post for info on how a new forum guideline affects threads in the Anime forum

12/17/2016 UPDATE We feel the new Show Discussion policy went pretty well in Fall, in spite of there being a record number of new shows, so we'll be continuing this policy in Winter 2017 and thereafter.

To sum things up:

Each user may start only one new season show discussion thread per day.

Each thread should be started no earlier than the first regular air time in Japan (or reasonable equivalent).

This affects only discussion threads for the shows starting in a new season. Anticipation threads, and new threads for older shows are not subject to this limit.

A fairly reliable list of shows expected each season, along with the Japanese broadcast time, can be found at https://www.livechart.me.

Original message is below.

Hi folks. A new anime season is coming up, and we're also going to be trying something new regarding the new show discussion threads.

Last season careful monitoring as the new threads were created was successful in terms of removing duplicate threads quickly and avoiding confusion about which thread to post in. However, there were circumstances that led mods to discuss once again whether or not additional adjustments were needed.

For the Fall 2016 season we are trying out something very different. Each user may start only one new season show discussion thread per day.

We realize that there will still be a "race" for some threads, but we feel this will reduce the intensity of that, and it may even leave things a bit more open for folks to start some threads a bit later after they've watched a show rather than at the very instant a show airs in Japan.

We will also continue to close any new Show Discussion threads that are started before the first regular air time in Japan.

Note: This affects only discussion threads for the shows starting in Fall 2016. While we may continue this policy in subsequent seasons, it does not apply to any other type of thread.

This is not open to discussion or debate. If you have questions or concerns please PM me. I will add frequently asked questions, with answers, here.

Frequently Asked/Anticipated Questions:

1. On some days there can be a lot of shows starting. What if I and others have already started our one thread for the day, and a popular show ends up not getting a thread as a result?

We believe that if a show is popular enough, someone will start a thread about it, even if they aren't a "regular." However, if a much-hyped show has already been simulcast and a whole day goes by with no one starting a thread, a mod will step in to create one. For less-popular shows, keep in mind that the thread can be started at any time in a season--it doesn't have to be same day as first airing--so there may still be opportunities to start discussion for a show a few days later once more people have watched it.

2. Why don't the moderators just create all the threads?

One thing that has always been highly valued on CR, at least on the English language site, is the forums being pretty organic with content generated by the regular users. When discussing handling the show discussion threads, the idea of having moderators just start them has come up for consideration, but it's always been decided that it would be a solution of last resort.

NEW Feb 9 2017 3. How does the new "Encourage Discussion" forum guideline affect show discussion, anticipation, and announcement threads?

Here's the rule:

Encourage discussion. When starting a thread, be sure to provide enough information, including your own thoughts, to get discussion started. If you are sharing a link make sure it's clear what the link is to, either within the link itself or as a brief description you add. Threads which consist only of links, images, or material quoted from another source without any original contribution beyond "Here's this thing; react" may be closed by moderators. Threads with overly vague, sensationalist, inflammatory, or misleading titles or opening posts may be renamed or closed by moderators.

I encourage you to add something of your own to what seems to be the current common boilerplate, but we do understand that not a lot is needed for the standard new season Show Discussion threads to generate appropriate on-topic activity. As long as the title is "[Name of Show] Discussion" and there is some information about the show in the opening post, they should be fine.

However, announcement and anticipation threads should definitely include something beyond just links and pictures. It doesn't have to be fancy -- one or two sentences will do. Let us know why you wanted to share the information, and what you think of it. Ask us to share our thoughts about it. For example if you started a thread that linked to news about an anime movie coming to theaters in your country, you could link the announcement article, and then write "That trailer looks gorgeous; I read the manga so I know the story is great and I really hope it ends up at a theater in my area. What about you? Are you planning on seeing the movie?"

If you really mostly just wanted to give folks a heads up about something coming up, but don't have anything to say, consider posting about it in one of the existing reference/informational threads -- like the Greenlit/TBA thread, or the appropriate individual season thread. A few years back those threads were more collaborative than they are now, with a number of people bringing info into them. Since they got bumped whenever someone added something or commented on info someone had shared, they remained fairly active.
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Posted 2/9/17 , edited 8/17/18
This is for announcement purposes, not discussion purposes, so I've left it locked. If you have questions or comments about the new "Encourage Discussion" guideline, please post them in the General Discussion announcement:

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