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Posted 3/28/16 , edited 11/9/17
Alright, I finally finished this. It took me more than a week, with around 10 hours a day to get this done, but it was totally worth seeing the pieces of the series connected together! Being someone who've seen the series so many times definitely made the job much easier that it would've.

To anime-only fans, there are only 2 things in the timeline that have not been mentioned in the anime, yet. One of them could be considered a big spoiler by some, while the other, you'll not understand its meaning until we get to that point in the anime, unless you Google some of the names. For the potential big spoiler, it will probably happen in episode 737.

The timeline is only up to chapter 816 because I'm taking a break from the series, so I haven't read anything beyond that. If there happens to be some history information after chapter 816, please don't mention it, as I still have not read it.

I hope you will like having the history of One Piece that is known so far in chronological order. I certainly had fun putting it together. If I missed some things before chapter 816, please let me know.

Enjoy the One Piece Timeline

REVISION 1: Added new content covering up to V.84, and ch.846. Fixed a bunch of typos. The timeline now will follow the content reached in the anime only.
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Posted 2/11/17 , edited 2/12/17
Awesome timeline man! It makes the story much more understandable
Posted 7/1/17 , edited 7/1/17
Which Part does the elephant arc end off at in the manga? Anyone?
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