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Create A Plot For The TItle Above.

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Posted 15 days ago , edited 13 days ago

Ultimate-Despair wrote:

How I Conquered the Universe using only a Rat, a Spaceship, and Six Creme Pies.

'| (Oops, sorry!)

^ My mistake! I should have rechecked after posting. I like your story.

(This below story is to the title of Camay1997’s post of Deja Vu: Please Stay With Me. I did not realize another post was created before mine.)

A man has a extreme case of deja vu. The occurrence of his deja vu gets closer and closer together with periods of the memories lasting longer to the point he’s living in short moments that haven’t taken place yet. Then the deja vu occurrences starts having a dematerializing effect on his surroundings. He knows something is working behind the scenes but what? Will he find out the cause of his deja vu?

The magic toothbrush

V Thank you SaeryenTheSongstress for answering beautifully both titles.

SaeryenTheSongstress wrote:

The same story as above...

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24 / F / My Inner World
Posted 14 days ago , edited 14 days ago
Kikyo is a ten-year-old boy who loves Harry Potter. He loves it so much that he wishes to be a wizard, just like Harry. Then, one day, a toothbrush he's never seen before shows up in his bathroom. He picks it up...and it turns into a wand! Kikyo finds he can perform the same spells that are in Harry Potter!

But it's not all fun and games. Voldemort may not be a threat, but Kikyo soon learns that the dark wizard Kaliginis is on the rise, and only Kikyo can stop him. With the help of his cat Alice (who - surprise! - is a youkai cat and can talk) and a young witch named Miyako, Kikyo must find a way to defeat Kaliginis before he takes over the world.

Ultimate-Despair wrote:
How I Conquered the Universe using only a Rat, a Spaceship, and Six Creme Pies.

The same story as above, except it's Kaliginis's backstory. He was a Hogwarts student, a Ravenclaw, who figured out how to build a magical spaceship powered by six creme pies. He also has a rat youkai familiar. He was halfway through conquering the world (and hopefully the universe) - until a boy named Kikyo put a stop to it.

Ninjas and Songstresses Go Kayaking
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Posted 13 days ago , edited 13 days ago
In this world, there are two schools. One is a well-known school that house aristocrats and talented individuals well versed in the art of music. The other is a hidden school that secretly recruit orphans to train in the art of ninjutsu. The two schools have worked together for years for the annual musical festival that takes place deep in the woods at the bottom of the mountain where the two schools reside. All songstresses are equally talented, but only one can take the lead. They employ the service of the school of ninjas to escort them down a long riverbank to the festival via kayaks. Who will make it there first, and most importantly....who will survive?

The Tangled Wires
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Posted 13 days ago , edited 13 days ago
"Don't you ever get tired?"

I put my coffee down and looked at him. "Tired of what?"

"Of always going out of your way to help people" he replied. "it's like you're the go-to person for someone you can't even go to when you needed help. Don't you get tired of understanding them? By putting people first, you're teaching them you only come second. It's always them. It's always gonna be about them."

A faint smile lined my lips as I looked outside with the tangled wires of emotions enclosed my heart: a busy street, filled with people each going on about with their busy lives. He looked outside too, following my gaze, as if trying to find the answers in the people I set my eyes upon.

"I'll never get tired of you", I said softly. " I will always be your go-to-person. You know that. I will always stay". I met his eyes, trying to see if he could understand the depth of my words. "And maybe one day, you will stay and I get to be the one who walks away---and then perhaps you'll understand. It never changed anything for me. l"ll never get tired of you.
(credits to #Coffeeshopseries/Spilled words and coffee/Wattpad author)

Running with scissors
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Posted 13 days ago , edited 13 days ago
“This is big! I mean, this is really big!” Was the words of Hue best friend and speaking to Tom. Tom recently won the rock, paper, scissors finals and was on a plane to battle the big leagues. “Watch out for that guy.” Says Quick hand Jim a known professional rock, paper, scissors player. Quick hand Jim was referring to Thick Brick. “The only thing Thick Brick throws is rock! and he always wins!” Says another player named Tricky. Tricky is also known for digging deep into the minds of his opponents, upsetting their focus causing him to win but Tricky has never beaten Thick Brick. Will Tom beat Thick Brick in the Rock, Paper, Scissor Championship? Will Thick Bricks rock crush everyone’s hand but not literally?

We’re out of sugar!
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Posted 12 days ago , edited 12 days ago
Timmy is just an everyday normal boy who loves his sugar, until one day he finds himself transported to a world where sugar never existed. Timmy cannot live in a world without it, and seeks answers as to how to bring it to existence. Along his journey he encounters a mad wizard who reveals to him the secret behind obtaining sugar in this world, and why it's secretly outlawed. To obtain sugar one must find the sweetest girls and shred them to pieces in giant compost machines, upon which they are ground down into sugar.

Timmy now goes on a quest to woo, subdue, grind down, and chew...

I Tripped Down the Stairs
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27 / M / USA
Posted 11 days ago , edited 11 days ago
A slice-of-life comedy that follows the life of a young adult who frequently falls down a flight of stairs--any flight of stairs.

Haven't You Heard? I'm Cherokee Jack
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Posted 11 days ago , edited 10 days ago
A traveling man named Cherokee Jack arrives at a small village. Bandits comes to rob the village and he out wits them while having fun times for the village people.


A underwater story of a whale that calls himself Cherokee Jack. A human scuba team of archeologists find ancient ruins of a golden city. Meanwhile a scuba team of looters come to take the prize. The wale Cherokee Jack out wits the looters while having fun with the archeologists.

Mowing season

V I like it
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Hideout #13
Posted 10 days ago , edited 10 days ago
- Your order, sir.
- Thank you...

Derek was standing calmly, smoke curling out of his BTG-2's muzzle. Mandy stared at what was supposed to be their long-delayed dinner but was now a handful of charcoal. If you could separate it from the charcoal that was their table, that is. In before the plates fallen from waitress' hands reached the floor and the crashing sound signalled everyone to unfreeze and start running and screaming, she managed to insert:

- D-d-d-d-dderek?!!!
- There was a lettuce there - Derek explained calmly. The only calm person in the venue.

Mandy turned to the waitress: - I specifically asked: "No salads!"
- I am tewwibly sowwy! - girl blubbed - It was fwee... fwee wiff all oddews today, I am zo vewy...
- Nevermind. We're leaving. Police is coming... - she grabbed Derek's hand
- I'm still hungry, - he protested.
- You allow takeouts? - Mandy inquired, but seeing as the waitress was kept busy by sobbing and apologizing, she took a menu from girl's pocket, exclaimed "One burnt table with chicken coming up" and shoved, using the menu as a dustpan, the embers into a paper bag, and that bag to Derek's face. - Thank you for your patronage.
- I.. I thank you, - said Derek - he finally started to get that Mandy was mad.

Sirenes were still heard in the distance when they walked into a park, but were soon overpowered by the myriads of automatic saws on the sides of the road, which were buzzing like cicadas on steroids, ready to halve anything that would try to reach over the fence.

- It's the fifth place!
- But there's another cafe over there...
- And this makes it okay?!
- Sis, I'm sorry, I am. Please don't report on me... They'll send me to that Antarctica rehab again, and I hate that. I don't get along with penguins...
- Of course, penguins don't pay your bills.
- Not that, I just never understood what they say... Come on, Man...
- Relax, they won't send you there, - Mandy suddenly went silent, as if she was not mad a second ago. - Derek, we've lost control over Antarctica last week... It's one huge rainforest now. - She said it and she didn't believe her own words.

- Look out, lady! - they didn't notice approaching a big gap in the sawing fence, which was getting fixed by workers. - It's dangerous here. - Five men in protective suits all had laser minimowers in their hands.

Mandy stopped, but her companion ignored them, and the plants closest to the gap started sprouting shoots in his direction.

- Hey, friend. You hate life or what? Did the lady dump you? Ha-ha-ha.

- We're just going to the cafe, bro...

- You cannot go here, dolt. Safety net breach. Take the other path.
- Or the wriggly-bigly will get ya! Ha-ha-ha!

- Not him, - Mandy pointed at the sprouting lianas.

Those, having reached halfway to Derek, had suddenly hesitated. They lingered for a while, as if sniffing the air in his direction and then cowardly retreated back behind the fence. Workers were watching this, spellbound.

- What the hell are you?! Hey, lady, what's up with this man?
- Let's just say, plants are wary of his aura. As to your specific question - government and science have no idea... But my theory is it originates from a childhood PTSD, thanks to one strict, spinach-loving mom.

The waitress in park's small maid cafe reminded her a robot in lethargy. A gothic loli with a poker face and speech completely free of intonations. "Just what we need", - Mandy thought, and decided that she was going to be direct this time.

- Listen...
- Shiona.
- Listen carefully, Shiona. This man is trigger-happy _and_ he hates all types of greenery. If there's any kind of seasoning in his food, he may reflexively destroy the entire place.
- Couldn't we take his ammunition away, mam?
- I did. He wrecked five restaurants after that. I checked him with metal detector and I honestly have no idea where he fetches his guns from.
- Don't worry, mam, we will make sure to serve only meat.
Perfect! The robot was not fazed in the least. Now to...
- So, Derek. Here's the deal...
- Wait, Man, I actually was thinking... what's all this about? I mean, you coming here offering to pay for my dinner - I'm plenty grateful, I am. But then all this Earth talk? I don't like it. I'm at odds with the guys from over there. You are not with them, are you?
- Derek, I am a friend. But I wouldn't come all the way from Earth just to feed you. Situation is out of hands back home. Derek...
- Hm? - he responded from somewhere inside the mountain of schnitzel.
- We need you.
- Is it so bleak??! - Derek resurfaced, and for a few short seconds, you could even think he forgot about the food.
- Never bleaker. You'll know when I say the chief himself begged me to bring you back! We had to tie some officers down for the voting though. "Beats getting tied by the overgrown grass" was what I told them... But the point is, plants are getting the upper hand as we speak. I'll be honest, basically it's game over unless we get our ace back.
- Your ace?
- You are our ace, idiot! Derek, the mowing ace.
The only response was an intense chewing sound.
- Frankly, I don't get what those green brats fear about you, - Mandy mumbled. - You strike me more like their friend and an arch-enemy of fauna, seeing how you gobble on meat and never eat vegetables... You think you can do it?
- One day.
- What one day?
- Antarctica - one day of work. The entire season - usual, 12 days.
Mandy looked at him in awe. She knew Derek was ridiculously good, but could never get used to it.
- So, tell me, Derek Cummingdale, what are your terms?
- Everything.
- What??!!
- All of my restaurant debts on Earth paid by government.
- Oh, you mean that... Sure, no problem!
- Including the lawsuits.
- That's a given.
- And I get to eat every day.
- Three times a day.
- I like the way you think, Mandy Ding!
- It's just the way I am. So we have a deal?
- We sure as hell do! Let's go?
- Right now?
- I finished my dinner anyway, - Derek stood up. - So why wait? I mean, if we catch the next flight, we won't miss tonight's supper, - he explained as they were heading towards the station for a cosmodrome. - It's buffling how you don't get these simple things. But don't forget: three meals a day. And no salads.
- You are the boss, - she said, getting on the bus - though, just to make it clear, you know salads are actually good for your health? Never thought you're missing out?
- No salads. Of course, no salads. I'll make it the first line in the contract.
- That's good. You know, Mandy, you are smart, but you say some stupid things sometimes.
- I do. I'm sorry about that.
- Don't sweat it. The mowing season is coming!

Dream on, governor Carnby.
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51 / M / New England, USA
Posted 10 days ago , edited 10 days ago
"Governor Kevin Carnby has a secret. A secret that could just bring the prim and proper Massachusetts State Congress to it's very knees. What's a staunch Conservative to do when he's outed as lead vocalist in an underground Aerosmith cover band ? Will he be accepted ? And what will happen with his proposed run at the Presidency of the United States come 2020 ?"

Nun for Me!

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Posted 10 days ago , edited 9 days ago
In a certain town at a certain apartment within a certain room, there lived a man. His name is Jack. He is a respectable and reliable individual in his community. Straight-forward and generous, the people adored him, but past that well-mannered exterior lies a secret. Jack leads a double life and in his other life, he is dressed as a nun. In the past, he was known as one of the world's greatest soldier. Sometime in his life, he was struck by tragedy and his country betrayed him. With nowhere to go, Jack wandered the Earth to search for a place he can call home. At his lowest point, he was at risk of dying until a young nun saved his life. From that day forward, he devoted his life to protect his town and the church that saved him. Moved by his devotion, the church taught him the art of Nun-jutsu and gave him his very own nunchucks. Using these particular set of skills, Jack took on the mantle as a nun-in-disguise and bring order to the public. On what seem like a typically normal day, the town was suddenly quarantined by government forces that tried to eliminate Jack. Can Jack save the people he cares about? Will the government take him back in custody?

The Riddle of Iron Face
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Posted 9 days ago , edited 9 days ago
For centuries the Iron Face statue on Mount Momoji as offered to grant the wish of any who can solve it's bizarre and complex riddles. Those who fail are devoured by Iron Face. There are no mulligans and any attempt to flee once one has heard the riddle results in consumption. Our story begins with Daigoro a young man who just returned from Mount Momoji and proclaims it a hoax. However he is confronted by Amiee Baker, the penultimate person to. return from the Iron Face. She claims she wished for the towns crops to always be plentiful and healthy. Both have compelling arguments which inspire the towns folk to solve the mystery once and for all. One gender fluid town person, Jesse, is suspicious of Aimee and Daigoro's motives when they push the town folk into solving The Riddle Of Iron Face

Hallelujah, It's Raining Men
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Posted 7 days ago , edited 7 days ago
A special episode of the “Time to Get Up and Start your Day Show” is all about special guest Fred Komong. He explains that he’s giving away billions of dollars to a lucky winner in a contest. Anyone can sign up and all you have to do is give a little bit of your blood for a DNA test. A random computer program will use a specially designed algorithm to pick out one individuals DNA as the winner! The money will be stationed in a blimp and the winner will get to ride to various wonderful places. Durning the ongoing process of the contest some of the contestants turn up missing. Fred is actually a actor hired by a company seeking to develop a new drug that prolongs life. The missing people have DNA that the company wishes to examine in less then humane ways. One of the best friends of a missing person investigates to find his friend in a horrible state and not living. He then breaks into the town armory, steals many weapons, gets a horrible revenge then shoots down the blimp as money comes falling from the sky where he says “Hallelujah, It’s raining men.”

Turning Pancakes into Pudding!
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Posted 6 hours ago , edited 3 minutes from now
In this MHA cooking spinoff, Maya De Souza has the quirk to turn pancakes into pudding. A quirk that made her a laughing stock in school. The teasing made her abandon her dream of becoming a chef, until she meets Tiffany Cox (quirk spider silk) who teaches Maya how to turn designer pancakes into delicious puddings. But it isn't just Maya's cooking Tiffany is interested in.

Whoop That Trick
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