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Posted 4/6/15 , edited 4/7/15
I loved this show. The art is amazing, characters are well designed and developed and the overall plot is cool. The whole idea of a game existing where you can live in the game as a second life in a fantasy world is one that I wish was true. Highly recommend. Anyways, tell me your thoughts and recommend more shows like it!

Watch my youtube video review of Sword Art Online here!

Posted 4/6/15 , edited 4/7/15
Be prepared for an onslaught of hate towards the show, there are a lot of people that absolutely hated it the show from what i've read.
Personally i don't mind it so much, at least the first half never got around the 2nd season or the 2nd half of the first season.
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Posted 4/23/15 , edited 4/23/15
I found this anime before it got popular (yeah I'm like those annoying af "hipsters" listening to their indie music and boasting about how they found it before it was popular #sorrynotsorry) and I think that this anime was just really good. The whole idea was great, and I loved how they executed the idea. Start to finish, it was a masterpiece until I stopped at s2.

I don't know any shows similar to this, so I have no recommendations.

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Posted 5/13/15 , edited 5/14/15
I truly like both seasons of SAO. Its my Second favorite anime I have seen, First is RWBY, and I enjoy that I get submerged it in. To me the fIghting is what got me the most, thanks to DBZ. Also the story is very compelling. I watched both seasons in about a weeks time.
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Posted 8/31/15 , edited 8/31/15
Loved it when I found it over a year ago on Netflix. Kinda sad it isn't on CR with the dubbed last I checked.

Now, having said that, I just finished marathoning the first half of the first season, and I had to sit there stewing over how Kirito managed to avoid the "death" of the system.

Here's a possible hypothetical.

Remember when Kirito goes to fight Nickolas the Renegade? He gets an item that can resurrect a player if it's used within 10 seconds. He then, depressed that it's only ten seconds tosses it to Klien with the instruction to use it if anyone in his party ever dies in front of him.

We have no idea if the item was ever used.

Let's say it wasn't used, let's say it's sitting there collecting dust in Kleins inventory.

Fast forward to the final battle, Everyone is basically paralyzed after Kirito exposes Heathcliff and begins to battle. as a dies first having somehow shaken the paralysis off.

Step forward to Kirito picking up Asuna's sword to continue fighting. (He can do this as he was married/coupled to her in game)

Kirito then dies, we know it as the icon telling him he's dead is shown, then suddenly somehow he forces the "death" aside long enough to slay "Heathcliff".

This is completely hypothetical of course,

Seeing Kirito die, Klein seeing this manages to pull the resurrect item from inventory and uses it on Kirito. This gives Kirito the ability to return. The sword of course is still plunged into him so he still has his health plunging.

This all doesn't explain Asuna surviving.

When Kirito recieved that item during the battle with Nicholas the Renegade, it had a side effect / hidden effect not shown. Once used, it grants the recipient of the item from the battle the ability to come back also.

Of course, the item being used on Kirito negates the need for this ability, so his being "married" to Asuna passes the effect directly through to Asuna instead. That whole surging partner from a marriage gets to use/keep the inventory of the marriage partner in game.

Of course, this is the end game. So there really isn't a point to regenerating/resurrecting Asuna into the game. Whether it's because of a death close to the end game sequence, or the scenario above... It kinda fits, at least in my mind.

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Posted 12/10/15 , edited 12/10/15
MAN I love the black swordsman!!!
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Posted 3/1/16 , edited 3/1/16
straight up best show I've ever seen! BEST
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Posted 5/20/16 , edited 5/20/16
remember how Ayato said to not let Asuna kill herself? by jumping in front of the blade, that would be killing herself, even if it was to protect Kirito. thats my guess.
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Posted 10/12/16 , edited 10/13/16
this show gives me erectile dysfunction
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