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Most F'd Up Manga(s) That You've Read

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22 / M / Gridania, Eorzea
Posted 11/30/18 , edited 12/1/18
Dirt and DeathTube *Face palm* No more Psychological manga for me, thanks.
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24 / M
Posted 12/2/18 , edited 12/2/18
Mai-chan no Nichijou is hands down the mos F'd up Manga ive read
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Posted 12/10/18 , edited 12/11/18
Alice in Borderland and Oyasumi no Punpun
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Posted 1/4/19 , edited 1/6/19
I can't remember the name of it but I did read an older (late 80's/early 90's -ish looking) manga where a boy gives birth to a ghost through his nose. The ghost ends up possessing one of those inflatable sex dolls and I guess because of "it looks like a girl so it is a girl" logic, the rest of the manga is about three men mansplaining womanhood to a sex doll. Also, the manga was supposed to be "educational".
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in one of the dar...
Posted 1/9/19 , edited 1/9/19
Deathtube, Tokyo Ghoul, and Gantz's last arc would be at the top of the list for me on genuinely disturbing manga that I've read.
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28 / F / Planet Pikopon
Posted 1/9/19 , edited 1/9/19
Has anyone mentioned Homunculus yet?
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Posted 1/5/19 , edited 1/6/19
Manga called Goth, about a kid thats interested in and researches murder mysteries. The ending is interesting.
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18 / O / Behind you.
Posted 1/12/19 , edited 1/12/19
I know this is easy pickings, but me and a friend once read Dead Tube on a whim.

If you don't know what Dead Tube is, please save yourself and don't look it up.
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23 / F
Posted 1/12/19 , edited 1/13/19
Honestly, anything by Junji Ito, I prefer to stay away from the heavy stuff so his work is as far as I'll go.
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21 / F / Australia
Posted 1/13/19 , edited 3/24/19
There's this manga called Death Tube. Death Tube is basically a form of YouTube where people post videos that contain sex, rape, violence, pranks and other stuff like that. Users get money based on the number of views they get. The users are given a certain amount of time to film and upload a video and the user whose video gets the fewest views has to pay for the expenses and the crimes of all the participants. There's so much sex, violence, blood and gore. Pretty much all the characters are so f**ked up
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42 / M / Bane Inc
Posted 1/13/19 , edited 1/14/19
Ore Tama (aka My Balls).
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47 / M / TN, USA
Posted 1/13/19 , edited 1/14/19
I really don't mind the gore, realistic stuff, they are just that.
but the ones that shakes psychologically... (Mind you, I love them!) - I don't like when the story does not add up or it is just gore for being gore...
my understand of effed-up is really mindblowing "I was smoking when I thought up that story, not sure how others will think about this"

Effed up as in "must have smoked something while thinking on the story"
Deadman Wonderland - just... effed up. I could finish reading,though
Smokin' Parade - same author. Just... effed up. reading now
Route End - mystery? psychological blow (not sure if available outside Japan)
Greypnir - weird... mainly weird. Can't stop reading, though. Not sure if available outside Japan, I was getting Amazon Japan, now using ebookJapan
Btoom! - simply crazy story
Parasyte - great concept

Effed up, great
Erased - thriller mystery? with hints of sci-fi
Lament of the lambs - mistery? weird. own all from this author
King of Thorn - mind blowing setup
A Certain Scientific Railgun (yeah, the gap between the normal days and cute girls and suddenly they go whammo! Like level 6 shift and the clones arc.) Don't mistake because of the cute drawings and the slow story at the start, this is not for kids)
Made in Abyss - same as above, cute drawings, story is really completely opposite - the shock from this gap is impressive. My brother and sister in law are quite open and flexible, but they couldn't keep reading. I love it, though
Land of the lustrous - same as two above. Mindblowing!
Ah, did not read Bokurano, but watched the anime. Pretty disturbing too, good story
actually... Promised Neverland is really close to being effed up too...
Manga version of Trigun - pretty disturbing, especially considering how the anime is light
come to think, Fire Punch and to your eternity are pretty effed up too.
Pumpkin scissors - not sure if available outside Japan
Gunslinger Girl

Effed up but lost appeal in the middle (they still felt like they were smoking something at the start while writing story)
Berserk - great until Griffin turns on them, after that arc... They are just trying to extend over past laurels.
Gantz - great story at the start, but lost the way, end was not so bad.
Darwins' Game - losing steam (Was available in Canada, not sure other countries)
Tokyo Ghoul - until he lost his memories - went downhill from there - dropped
Terraformars - started great, lost steam after coming back to Earth - dropped

Jojo, Karakuri Circus? Never liked, read some when I was in Japan, but not my cup of tea - but effed up?

Death Note, Claymore can almost make the list
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23 / M / US
Posted 3/4/19 , edited 3/4/19
Berserk hands down made me say WTF after a certain part when you get to it you'll know you might wanna scim through it faster
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22 / F
Posted 3/4/19 , edited 3/4/19
Most definitely Killing Stalking. Got me on my toes every chapter
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26 / M
Posted 3/24/19 , edited 3/24/19
Everybody talking about Death Tube,saying not to look it up and whatever. But how could I NOT do that when you specifically told me to not do it... just makes me wanna do it more. To be fair, this has happened several times to me where someone tells me "don't look up this movie/manga" and I look it up and I think "why did I do this".

Anyway I just looked up Death Tube. You can't see it but I'm making a face that is saying "hmmmm......."
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