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Favorite Anime

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22 / M / Minnesota, USA
Posted 5 days ago , edited 5 days ago
All around: Hunter x Hunter
Adventure: One Piece
Mystery: Monster
Pure Action: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure & One Punch Man
Comedy: Gintama
Demons: Ao no Exorcist
Vampire: Hellsing
Ghoul: Tokyo Ghoul
Sports: Haikyuu & Slam Dunk
Drama: NHK ni Youkoso!
Fantasy: Fate Series
Shounen: My Hero Academia
Magic (Alchemy): Fullmetal Alchemist
Thriller: Death Note
Supernatural: Attack on Titan
Virtual Reality/Game: Sword Art Online
Martial Arts: Hajime no Ippo
Mecha: Neon Genesis Evangelion
Military: Code Geass
Police: Psycho-Pass
Sci-Fi: Steins;Gate
Kids: Pokemon
Space: Cowboy Bebop

I have watched hundreds of anime and it is very hard to pick one because they all have different things to offer and excel in their own respective genre. But if I had to pick that HxH would be the best one I have every watched with Monster a close second.
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Posted 4 days ago , edited 4 days ago
Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood without a doubt, feel like I don't even need to explain that one.
Cowboy Bebop definitely a close second cos it is all round amazing, characters, story, mystery, cowboyness, spaceness, space cowboyness, all round solid show.
Fairy Tail probably after that just for the mindless fun with entertaining visuals and interesting abilities.

There are others I really enjoyed and would say are better shows than Fairy Tail (such as shows like Death Note, Angel Beats and Higurashi) but that was one of my first so it's got the nostalgia factor too.
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16 / USA
Posted 2 days ago , edited 2 days ago
My top 5 favorites are fairly cliche.

#1: Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

#2: JoJo's Weird Quest

#3: Fullmetal Alchemist: B

#4: Attack on Titan

#5: My Hero Macadamia.
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25 / M / Brasil - SP - Gua...
Posted 2 days ago , edited 2 days ago
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Posted one day ago , edited one day ago
a list of anime that i consider a master piece :

1 : berzerk
2 : full metal alchemist
3 : Claymore
4 : monster
5 : ninja scroll
6 : Mushishi
7 : Cowboy Bebop

other anime i like but to a lesser degree :

1 : attack on titan
2 : elfen lied
3 : death note
4 : hunter x hunter

these are the ones i remember .
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Posted one day ago , edited one day ago
My favourite anime would be one of Naruto (count shippuden but not Boruto in there as well) Or Darling In The franxx or Yuri on ice that i'm watching now.

Naruto shows you already in ep. 17 that this really good, they are having really good and entartaining fight's, also they make you feel all kinds of emotions from anger to sadness to joy...

Darling In The FranXX is a small masterpiece in my opinion, i love the chracter Zero two and find myself in her sometimes. The battles and romantic scenes are created perfectly and the music is grate!

Yuri on Ice is something i've hesitated to watch a long time, because it didn't look that grate.. But when i saw the first episode i knew that this will be mabye the best anime i've ever seen... The third episode where Yuri skated to on love:eros was the most beautiful thing i've seen in any anime i guess! The animation, music and character design is just lovely!

it's hard to choos between each of them, because all of them are so grate i can't stop when i start
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23 / F / Krusty Krab
Posted one day ago , edited 17 hours ago
One of my first real animes and still favorites has to be InuYasha!
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19 / M / England
Posted one day ago , edited 17 hours ago
My fave anime has to be SAO :3

The Story is Kinda deep and only read if you can be asked ..... Anyways ill start here xD... I grew up in London and through ages 10 to about 15 was in a gang and had to do many things i didnt want to do at all. It left a huge impact on my life and i found myself not being able to enjoy things or do much at all to the point where from 15 to 16 I wasnt going to school i just sat home playing video games and binging anime. I couldnt do anything and didnt want to live much, After attempting something horrible (We all know what i mean xD) The Police and Council moved my family up North where I was diagnosed with severe PTSD and couldnt leave my room for months and SAO 2 especially touches on the sort of struggles i had. I felt like i could finally relate to something in Anime and it made me very happy and gave me a lot of confidence I cried many times while watching and it definately changed me and made me the confident helpful person I am today so I will always love SAO. sorry for cringey backstory obvs there's more details but i dont want to bore you guys. Anyways if anyone is struggling and needs someone to talk to am here, good luck in life -Mike D <3

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19 / F / Florida
Posted 19 hours ago , edited 12 hours ago
Favorite anime? Kind of hard for any hardcore anime watcher (just what I think). I started watching anime a little over a year ago and went all in. During the first 4 months I watched all of Naruto (includes fillers, movies) and many other well known anime like Death note, Aot, Fairytale, etc. Anyways my point being I have since then become well versed in the world of anime and manga and have watched many, many shows, However, I believe Naruto is one of the best anime ever because of the story, characters, and fighting scenes. It felt like you were in a completely different world. While the fillers were a bit annoying and the ending wasn't all that great I think it is a show every anime watcher needs to see. Other than Naruto, Attack on Titan, Your Lie in April, Tokyo Ghoul, Seraph of the End, and 5 centimeters per second are some of my favorite. Their plots, character development, animation style, and take away are all great.
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24 / F
Posted 2 days ago , edited 2 days ago
One Piece
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