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Create Your Own Anime and/or Story!

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Posted 4/10/19 , edited 4/11/19
Through Gates Unguarded

Gatehound is an organization of psychic cyborg super agents out prevent incursions by interdimensional beings that are increasingly becoming more of a threat. Backed by the Tindalos Institute, they are equipped with rocket skates, the best weapons ever made and containment systems. They are occasionally encountering rival intelligence agencies ranging from simply pursuing the same target to deliberately messing with things they shouldn't. In the midst of this, a rogue agent named Rez Imago has taken on a mission he refuses to back down: neutralizing the other eight candidates for Nemesis at the Threshold, the final guardian of Terminal Vector. T.V. is believed to be the source of the incursions, and if threatened, seeks a guardian to defend itself. Rez aims to be the guardian and will use any means necessary to guarantee it. Elsewhere, a scientist named Cereice seeks to unravel a conspiracy that shrouds the Institute regarding the Cyphers, the three keys within three ultimate enemies that can open the path to Terminal Vector. She and Rez have a history that could complicate things...

"Do Not Open Doors You Can Not Close"
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Posted 4/20/19 , edited 6 days ago
A revised version of my manga plan.

I got the idea after watching Lupinranger VS Patranger, and seeing that there are a lot of magical girl anime.

This series is a tribute to tokusatsu series like Super Sentai and Kamen Rider as well as the Magical Girls series like Sailor Moon and PreCure.

I expect this to be in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine.

Nijiiro no Monogatari (Rainbow-colored stories)

There exists the Shadow Collective an evil and amoral force that corrupts everything in the universe, by handing out cursed treasures to those with Darkness in their hearts.

They are at war with the Magic Kingdom, the battle has been going on for eons.

The Magic Kingdom recruits girls from throughout the universe and transforms them into Magical Girls to combat the Shadow Collective.

But the Shadow Collective was just too much for them to handle.

Fortunately, the Shadow Collective struggles with one planet in the universe, Earth. Where not only Magical Girls protect it, but also a band of Phantom Thieves and a specialty armed group of police too.

Magi Girls
Are various groups of Magical Girls who protect people from the Shadow Collective.

The Magi Girls transformed forms consists of them wearing dresses and having hair that are the same color.

Kokoro Aikawa/Magical Heart
愛川 心
CV: Ai Kayano

Asuka Satou/Magical Sun
砂糖 明日香
CV: Haruka Tomatsu

Hikari Satou/Magical Shine
砂糖 光
CV: Kana Hanazawa

Saki Yamamoto/Magical Bloom
山本 咲

Miyuki Kagami/Magical Snow
鏡 美雪
CV: Saori Hayami

Phantom Thieves Lupin Trois
Are a band of high school boys who masquerade as Phantom Thieves, whose mission are to collect treasures from the Shadow Collective. They live above and work part-time in "Bistrot LeBlanc", a french bistro.

The Phantom Thieves transformed forms consists of them wearing respective colored tuxedos with black vests and white dress shirts, capes are attached to them, and full-faced helmets with colored visors that resembles masquerade masks and top hats.

Core Members

Kaito Ōkami/Joker Rouge - Le "Magician"
王神 魁斗
CV: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
The leader of the Phantom Thieves, his father was Toichi Ōkami, a famous magician who moonlighted as the Phantom Thief "Lupin Trois" who was killed by the Shadow Collective when Kaito was ten. He is a bit of a trickster and a flirt, as he constantly flip his childhood friend Kokoro's skirt every time they see each other, but he is a good decent person to his friends, he always thinks of others and helps them out, his thief persona is similar to his personality but is more chivalrous. He has the ability of illusion and spatial manipulations.

He represents the "Joker".

Gekkō Hattori/Ace Bleu - Le "Ninja"
服部 月光
CV: Natsuki Hanae
He is from a hidden ninja village and works as an assistant chef for LeBlanc. When he was younger the Shadow Collective attacked his village and his parents were killed and his younger sister supposedly too, and he was taken in by the village elder, he left the village two years prior. He has a cold and serious personality which often conflicts with Kaito's. He is skilled with the Shadow Clone and Substitution techniques.

He represents the "Ace of Spades".

Rei Kuroshiro/Jack Blanc - Le "Phantom"
黒白 霊
CV: Kensho Ono
He works as a waiter for LeBlanc. He lost his parents when he was young and was raised by his older brother Yū. He has a stoic personality, that and combined with his lack of presence makes people forget him a number of times. He can go intangible and possesses a living being.

He represents the "Jack of Diamonds".

Additional Members

Yū Kuroshiro/King Noir - Le "Crow"
黒白 夕
CV: Jun Fukuyama
Rei's older brother who owns and manages and serve as the head chef of Bistrot LeBlanc. He's also a former Phantom Thief and mentors the trio.

Special Police Shinsengumi
The modern descendants of the famous Shinsengumi. Their mission is to maintain the peace from the forces of the Shadow Collective as well as trying to arrest the Phantom Thieves.

The Shinsengumi transformed forms consists of them wearing full body samurai armor with white jinbaori worn over them, and full-faced helmets resembling balaclavas with black visors and gold plate above it with the kanji of each members respective element on them.

Core Members

Toshimaru Hijikata/Kuen (紅炎)
土方 歳丸
CV: Mamoru Miyano
The Vice-Chief of the Shinsengumi, he's nicknamed the "Demonic Vice-Chief" because of his strict and harsh nature, as well as his elemental fire attacks which people nicknamed them "The flames of hell".

Sora Okita/Kinaden (黄電)
沖田 空
CV: MIyu Irino
The captain of the first unit. He is nicknamed the "Flash" due to his speed and lightning elemental attacks, he is very smart for his age, but tends to be very positive and carefree.

Kazumi Saito/Seihyō (青氷)
斎藤 一三
CV: Koki Uchiyama
The captain of the third unit. He tends to be be very cold and calculating and due to him having the element of ice, he is nicknamed the "Ice King".

Additional Members

Nagakura Shinji/Ryokufū (緑風)
永倉 新二
CV: Yuki Kaji
The captain of the second unit. He join the Shinsengumi a bit later. He uses the element of wind.

Kirin Kondō/Kinjū (金十)
近藤 麒麟
CV: Sōichirō Hoshi
The Chief of the Shinsengumi, he is very charismatic and outgoing.


Lux Akechi/Lune Silver/Kintaiyō (金太陽)
明智 ルクス
CV: Junya Enoki
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