Crop to fit option for Samsung+iPhone

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Posted 4/20/19 , edited 4/21/19
A bit ridiculous that you still cannot pinch to fill on crunchyroll when every other media app lets you do it. This is a feature that should be introduced by now since most phones are now 2:1.

Every other video player and media platform allows you to crop to fit, I don't understand why Crunchyroll does not.

I'll probably end my membership soon since I don't think my internet is fast enough for your badly integrated video player (Youtube/Amazon/Netflix seem to have better compression and thus less bandwidth required for 720p) and I was keeping it due to the mobile app, but even this seems to have issues including the crop to fit.

Disappointed, and I'd like to know if it's even being worked on, I don't care if you're "considering" it, I only care if you're working on it.

I have a feeling that the only reason you won't work on this is that your subtitles have been stupidly placed during pre-production rather than added in post via some form of overlay. Not only does this mean that you must have some great difficulty in changing subtitles after a video has been published, but also that if a video were to be cropped that subtitles would be lost (since they'd be apart of the actual video itself).

Which if that was the case, then you'd have to change every single video on this platform completely, which you should do honestly.

There's a lot of things you need to improve upon and a lot of outcry you seem to be ignoring, and I'm pretty certain that the only reason you're still afloat is due to your exclusive licences rather than your quality as a product.
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