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Posted 4/20/19 , edited 10 days ago
So im from Mexicó and i love anime, but i also love hearing and watching it instead of reading subtitles through all the episodes, at least i don´t enjoy having to read instead of just watch and hear.
All the anime i like it´s here but, since there´s no dubbed anime i see no reason to pay for this service i would love to but i need dubed anime pls. And im not talking about spanish dubbed since im from Mexicó, i actually like and preffer ENGLISH when watching anime, thats all i ask (English dubbed anime for Mexican clients pls) i know lot of people like the original Japanese voice, but there´s also a lot of people like me who prefer hearing instead of reading through all episodes.

idk if crunchyroll will see this at all but if you guys do see my post, pls just give me hope at least a date of when you guys will have english dubbed anime for Mexicó client´s

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