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Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Discussion

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Posted 16 hours ago , edited 9 hours ago

qwueri wrote:

The hypnotized mute that the Tangiro carries on his back and feels guilt every time she fights for him? I doubt he'd want to arm or train her, even if she is capable of learning.

Nezuko's are for head patting, not fighting

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Posted 13 hours ago , edited 6 hours ago

in a fight between mc#2 and that demon they were relatively matched in terms of magical strength

Super simple question: This guy ambushes helpless women for a living that have no hope of fighting back at all. Why the heck would he actively seek out ways to arm himself for that?

The only way this complaint makes sense is if he actively knew he was going to fight another demon who happened to be one of a handful of Demons that can't just instantly regenerate. Seriously, put any two normal Demons in a room and that fight would just never end unless one can somehow physically tie the other up or absolutely dismember the other in such a way that they're out in the daytime. Like you physically can't even.

even a knife (10-15cm blade) would mean that instead giving her shallow cuts on the forehead he would chop off half of her head with all that fancy magical strength the demon is supposed to have

And then what? She heals and he's just back to square one. Him having a knife would actively change nothing.

yet mc#2 is also unarmed, i'm sure there is some pragmatic&efficient explanation why

We've been following that character, when would she ever have time to practice with a sword or something? Nezuko's been asleep for 90% of the plot so far, we don't even see anywhere where she could even have a blade forged.

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Posted 12 hours ago , edited 5 hours ago

HOOfan_1 wrote:
Nezuko's are for head patting, not fighting

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