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A Different Approach to Difficulty

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Posted 4/22/19 , edited 4/22/19
I think there should be difficulty options, for the reason alone, that some people simply can't react as fast as others due to physical limitations.
I used to be able to just play normally, but now I have a hard time moving my right hand. When playing games, I now always have to go for the easier difficulty ...
Obviously I am not asking to be catered to, but as far as I can remember back, there were always options, and options are nice to have. If a developer is going for that ' you die once - game over' thing, that's their right of course ...
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Posted 4/26/19 , edited 4/26/19
I think Outward has done an excellent job of taking the faux difficulty out of a souls-like game and turning it into actual difficulty. Planning, preparation, and upkeeping your character's stats all play a noticeable role in keeping your character alive and functioning well. Instead of having shoddy map design that forces you to play it slow like DS, you are forced to play more carefully due to the fatigue system. As sprinting everywhere burns out your maximum stamina, or taking damage burns out your maximum health. I think Outward has outdone itself, considering it is an indie title.
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Posted 5/3/19 , edited 5/4/19
I always play on the default difficulty for a game (unless it is so mindlessly easy I can't take it anymore).
Typically, I think game developers in general think that difficultly should be solely related to having less health or making enemies bullet sponges. Play Skyrim on the hardest difficulty, it's honestly not harder but you end up wasting large amount of times kiting enemies and hitting them over and over again making for a less enjoyable experience imo.
Very few games do difficulty right, i.e. more objectives, less time to do something, smarter AI, more mechanics/attacks the enemy may use, less assistance. A good example of a game that does it right is Goldeneye where the harder the difficulty the more objectives you had to complete to finish a mission.

Going back to the first page should games have difficulty options, it depends.
For games like Dark Souls/Bloodborne the whole point of them is to be a difficult game and clearing them is an accomplishment in it's own right.
For other types of games more often than that having them makes sense.

Vahvi wrote:

I usually start on the maximum difficulty available but I think it would be interesting if there was an auto-scaling setting to adjust the level of difficulty based on your performance.

Only game I've played that has done that was Wii Sports, it was kinda a neat feature.

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