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Posted 3/30/19 , edited 3/30/19
I would like to introduce you to my dream project, "Golden Rain Odyssey". This is an anime that will rival the legendary anime's directed by Shinichiro Watanabe, as well as the existing concept anime's being produced nowadays. The idea of this project is to bring in more black protagonists into the anime culture, as well as introducing a perspective of recreational and medical marijuana into anime and Japanese culture. I am also hoping to have different music such as popular hip-hop, r&b and other music to score the project. I am hoping that this project will break barriers in the anime community, as well as the main streaming services communities. I have no doubt that this idea will be attractive to a Netflix or Hulu audience as this is a very modern concept. The character I have created are complex, with a mix of things you have and haven’t seen. Each episode is fairly standalone, with a slight overarching synopsis that will captivate interested audiences. I want this series to affect the hearts and minds of whoever that watches it.

Thanks you,
Santyago DeAndre
Sōken Costa

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