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Posted 3/29/19 , edited 3/29/19
I wrote a new one-shot called Cheaters. It has taken me a little while to do, but it's finally done. I'll share a direct link to it here.

Cheaters - One-Shot
No extra hoops or links to jump through, just start reading! I'm proud of it, I hope you guys like it.

I'm also the guy who was writing that "Choose-Our-Own-Adventure" series called Unite the Hunt!
That will be coming back regularly now that I finished this one-shot. If any of you were following that, thank you for your patience! If you're unfamiliar, it's a short-form manga that's inspired by Monster Hunter where the readers vote on what happens next. You can find the latest chapter and poll here if you're interested or just need a refresher.

Unite the Hunt!

It's a lot of fun and I'm excited to bring it back. Thanks again everyone, see you again soon!
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Posted 3/29/19 , edited 3/29/19

Welcome back
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