Witches Don't Exist

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Lucy made her way to the door, and just as she was about to leave the house, and go on an errand for her mother. Lucy and her mother lived in the middle of the forest, and their tiny home was surrounded by giant trees. The two had been living alone together, ever since the young girl’s father passed away. Lucy was still a baby when her father had died, and didn’t know much about him. Though her mother often told the girl stories about him.

“Do you have everything?” Lucy’s mother asked, making her way to the front door. The woman crossed her arms in front of her chest, a somber look appeared on her face.

“Yes,” Lucy began, nodding. The girl noticed her mother looked upset. “What’s wrong mommy?” She asked, tilting her head slightly to the right.

“Oh… it’s just that…” The woman began, glancing around the house. “Today is October, and the witches that live in the forest, will be more active, that’s all.”

Lucy’s eyes went wide. “Witches?”

“That’s right,” the woman said, taking a step towards her daughter. “Horrible old crones, who eat little kids who wonder the forest.”

“Oh…” Lucy said, glancing nervously towards the door.

“Don’t worry,” the mother began. “If you see a witch on their broomstick, just run away. Also avoid any black cats you might find out there.”

“Ok,” Lucy said, nodding several times.

“Also don’t go into anyone’s homes. If you DO enter someone’s house, just remember. Witches are always baking sweets, that way kids feel at ease when they enter their homes. This is a trick though. They’re only doing this to trick kids into thinking it’s safe. Also they have giant old fashion stoves, with metal doors, and their refrigerators are filled with dead children!” The mother warned.

Lucy gasped. “I don’t want to go out today!” The girl cried.

“Lucy?” The mother began.

“Yeah?” Lucy said, her voice shook slightly.

“I’m… KIDDING!” The woman cried, throwing her arms lovingly around her daughters small body. “Witches don’t exist! I just wanted to play a little trick on you!”

“Not funny!” Lucy protested.

The mother giggled, and kissed her daughters cheek. “I’m sorry! How about I bake you some cookies when you get back, will you forgive me then?” The woman asked.

“When I get the cookies!” Lucy said, in a stern voice.

“Ok! Deal!” The woman said, and with that, she let her daughter go.

Lucy made her way outside, even though she knew her mothers story was true, she still felt uneasy. Finding the path that led to the town, Lucy walked at a brisk pace. The sun was shining brightly overhead, and it would be a few hours before it set. The girl still had plenty of time to make it to town, do the shopping, and make it back home.

As Lucy walked, the girl watched as bright orange, and red leaves fell off the surrounding trees. She heard the sound of dead leaves crunching beneath her feet, and the sound of crickets chirping.

As the girl walked, she started to feel uneasy. She passed by the same fallen trees several times, and the forest around her started to grow more, and more dark. Soon all Lucy could see was blackness, all around her.

“Oh no!” The small girl squeaked, when she found it impossible to take a single step forward.

Tears welled up in the corners of the small girl’s eyes. Her lower lip trembled. Just when the girl thought she would start crying, a bright light appeared several yards away. Lucy’s heart nearly skipped a beat, as she began running as fast as she could towards the light.

Soon the girl found herself standing in front of a small house. “I didn’t know anyone else lived in this forest,” Lucy thought to herself.

The front door of the house suddenly opened, and an old woman stepped out. The old woman had silver hair, dull blue eyes, and deep lines etched into her face. Her clothes were black, and they also looked like they were caked in a layer of dust. “Hello dear,” the old woman said, gesturing to Lucy. “What are you doing out here so late?”

“I’m… I’m lost,” Lucy said, feeling nervous. The girl wanted to run away, but she didn’t want to run back into the dark forest.

“Oh no!” The old woman said, clasping her hands together. “Please come in dear, I’ll make sure you get home!”

“Thank you,” Lucy said. The young girl hesitated for a moment, before she made her way into the house. The moment the door closed, Lucy gasped. The house was filled with toys, and it smelled of sweets.

“Amazing!” Lucy proclaimed.

“Do you like it?” The old woman said, chuckling. “My grandkids come here often. They love playing while their grandma bakes them cakes, and cookies.”

“Oh?” Lucy said. Suddenly the girl remembered her mothers words. She remembered her saying something about witches baking.

The girl’s heart began beating faster.

“Please, have a seat,” The old woman said, gesturing towards a chair near a large table. The table was filled with delicious looking food. “Eat if you’d like. I’m going to check on the cake I’m baking,” and with that, the old woman left the room, leaving Lucy to her own devices.

Lucy glanced around the room, as she made her way towards the table. After sitting down, the girl’s eyes fell on a large knife. Without thinking, Lucy grabbed the knife, and hid it under a napkin.

“It’s almost ready!” The old woman said, entering the living room. “I hope you like chocolate cake!”

“I do,” Lucy said, the girl felt like crying once again.

“Tell me dear, where do you live?” The old woman asked.

“In the forest, with my mommy,” Lucy answered.

“I see!” The old woman said. “I thought I was the only one who lived out here!”

“Me too,” Lucy admitted.

When the old woman saw Lucy hadn’t touched any of the food, she gestured towards it, “please eat! You must be starving!”

“Not really,” Lucy said, shaking her head.

“Don’t be silly!” The old woman said, waving her hand dismissively. “Eat! Eat!”

Lucy really felt like crying now, but she choked back her tears. “I’m really not hungry,” she said, shaking her head.

“I see,” the old woman said, flatly. “Well then, why don’t you help grandma with the cake?”

Lucy’s eyes went wide when she suddenly remembered what her mother told her about the stove. It was old fashion, and her refrigerator would be filled with dead kids. “No!” Lucy cried.

“That’s enough of that,” the old woman said, placing a firm hand on the girl’s right arm. “Let’s go!”

“NO!” Lucy screamed. Grabbing the knife with her left hand, Lucy plunged the blade into the old woman’s chest. The old woman screamed as Lucy pulled the blade out, and started stabbing and slashing at the old woman with all her might. With another scream, the old woman fell to the floor. Her breaths were shallow, but soon they stopped.

Lucy knew the witch was dead. Taking a deep breath, Lucy dropped the knife, and took several steps away from the corpse. “I did it! I killed the witch!” Lucy thought, triumphantly.

The girl thought about running away, but decided to make sure there weren’t any other children being held captive by the witch. Heading into the kitchen, the girl spotted the stove. It was giant, and old fashion looking, and it had large metallic doors.

Taking a deep breath, the girl pulled open the doors. Inside she could see a cake baking. “It looks normal enough, but I’m sure it’s filled with dead kids!” The girl thought. Her attention soon turned to the refrigerator.

Lucy took another deep breath, before she pulled open the doors. Inside she didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. The refrigerator was filled with all kinds of things, but none of those things were children. Lucy shook her head, and began exploring the house, but she didn’t find anything out of the ordinary.

Soon Lucy found herself back in the living room, standing over the dead woman. At that moment, the girl remembered something else her mother had told her, before she left. “Witches don’t exist.”

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