Allow me to sort reviews by ratings please

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Posted 3/20/19 , edited 3/21/19
Most of the time top ratings are always the 5 star ones because fans of a show will thumbs up all the good reviews while most people who disliked it will move on. I would like the ability to sort reviews by how the person rated the show. If there is bad reviews I want to see why they disliked the show. I want to look at both the good and the bad reviews. But as it is I usually have to click through pages and pages of reviews before I can find a negative review.

Can we please have the option to sort reviews by their rating?
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Posted 4/21/19 , edited 4/22/19
Bumping this. I would rather read the 1 star reviews to see the criticisms of a show. Most 5 star reviewers are blinded by their love of the show, or not that discerning in their entertainment.

Shield hero case in point:
Most helpful sort- page 44 is first 1 star review with 6/13 helpful. 30 pages before that, were filled with 0/0 helpful reviews, 1/2, and 0/1 helpful reviews. I would think 6 people finding a review helpful is more meaningful than 30 pages of reviews that had zero input.

But since Most helpful doesn't consider people who were helped, but rather a ratio, a review with 500/1000 helpful rated will be considered lower than a review that was never rated.

If they simply let us sort by star rating, at least i wouldn't have to go phishing for critical reviews.
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