Samurai 8 Spring of 2019 by Kishimoto the creator of Naruto

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Posted 3/15/19 , edited 3/15/19
This is my big commotion rn.
it's something im simply aiming to figure out as i cannot find this answer anywhere else on the internet,

I recently saw and read that the beloved creator of naruto is creating a new manga to be released in the spring of this year.

I also got deep into this, while researching a few shows for my own entertainment,
And ended up finding that toonami ran a show a while back which can be viewed on youtube for free,
And posted by funimation themselves!
This show my friends,
is called...
Samurai 7!!!

Are these two worlds going to be related somehow?? And if so........
this is simply amazing. Because as of right now. We can watch the history from whats to come to be released by kishimoto in the spring when he drops Samurai 8!!
And for me. And others im sure this is indeed a big deal. (:

Please leave your thoughts in the comments below as they are very much loved! And if this is true....
If this is all real.
This is a journey i cannot wait to be apart of.

Im gonna watch Samurai 7 now
and maybe in time will tell ????
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Posted 3/22/19 , edited 3/23/19
I would be hyped for this if it were not for that fact that the creator of Naruto is involved
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