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I wrote this partly inspired by answering a wish on the corrupted wish forum game. I am new to writing again and a awful speller. Luckily for auto correct that’s not a issue but my write skills are new.

Unicorns a species little is known about I explain a story I know too well....

*sound track plays*

*room darkens then lights to below scene*

Crates of old books fill Katherines living room. Her mind is lost with wonder in their pages. Katherines grandfather recently passed away leaving her his book collection. Katherine sneezes in the dust filled room. A tattered old book gets her attention. Grabbing it she slices her finger on its cover. “Ouch!” Was her choice of words, blood from her finger dripping on to the book.

Her doorbell rings and Katherine jumps to its sound. “Hello? Katherine?” A voice coming from outside. “Hold on!” She yells, grabbing a cloth to wrap her finger. Katherine opens the door seeing Timothy Baker the local delivery man. “I need you to sign for this.” Timothy says holding out a package. “Thanks” replies Katherine. “You sure have your hands full here.” Timothy says looking at all the boxes through the door way. “I’m going to for awhile” Katherine responds thinking she’s glad she didn’t cut her writing hand.

Timothy leaves and Katherine closes the door bringing the small package in her home. Inside the package there’s a note from her sister Charlotte. It reads “Katherine, I know your busy with Grandfathers belongings. I am thankful that you offered to do this. His financial issues take up much of my time but I am clearing way day by day!” A long time ago Charlotte moved away from the town Katherine lives in now. Charlotte raises a family on the opposite coast miles away from Katherine. Their grandfather lived not far from Katherine. When he was alive Charlotte would fly her family to visit both him and Katherine.

Charlotte has one child, Samantha who is seven. Katherine continues reading “Samantha’s pen pal Sara who lives close to you recently turned seven. Samantha is very bossy and adamant that she sends Sara a birthday present with you being the delivery person! Spending a day and a half at the store she picked this out. I would be ever grateful if you could wrap it up for Samantha and deliver it to Sara’s house for me. Here’s the address.” Katherine continues reading. “Thank you and I’ll talk to you soon, Charlotte.”

Katherine puts the letter aside and takes the gift out of the box. “A unicorn?” She says looking at the child’s toy. “It’s cute!” She puts everything back putting the package away before getting a band aid for her finger. “Back to the books!” She says in excitement with a hint of exhaustion. Katherine takes the book that cut her finger. She sees blood dried on its cover. A sharp pain suddenly shoots through her finger and up the side of her arm causing her to drop it. “Ouch, ouch, double ouch!” She yells then crouches down picking up the book while opening it. “This print is all smeared!” Katherine says, not being able to read the words of the book clearly.

Flipping through its pages Katherine thinks she sees the sentence “What do you wish for?” She stops flipping and goes back a few pages but cant find it. Flipping more she thinks she sees it again. “What do I wish for?” Katherine says out loud.

Katherine laughs jokingly saying “I wish to be a unicorn!” Katherine slams the book shut and puts it in a pile of already read books. She notices the uncut hand that was holding its cover is wet with blood. The room around her starts to feel heavy. Her finger with the cut suddenly throbs a intense pain traveling like a zipper up the length of her arm down her side then up to her head.

The floor appears to be wavy to Katherine. She falls. The pain has completely engulfed her and Katherine crawls trying to escape it. Katherine turns around on her hands and knees seeing her blood stained path on the floor. Her hearing now is deaf and she only feels her heart beating then another beat from the floor.

It reminds her of a horses gallop and the vibration becomes stronger and faster. The galloping now is stronger then her heart beating! The force of its vibration throws her back and she passes out. Katherine wakes up in the middle of the night looking through the view of her window from the floor. Her mind is mesmerized by a flashing light outside.

Before Katherine can stand up, her front door is kicked in. “Selfish are those that dwell in this house!” A harsh voice yells running through the doorway. Sounds of many hooves are heard by Katherine. A bright light suddenly fills the room and Katherine looks up.

A Unicorn! His horn shining light in the room. Four other Unicorns are also standing behind him. “Stand unknown!” Shouts the Unicorn with the glowing horn. Katherine stands but something is different. She feels stronger and her movement has completely changed. Looking down at her feet she sees their hooves! Before Katherine has any time to speak, the Unicorn with the glowing horn quickly turns around. Kicking his hind legs out at Katherine, the impact knocks her out.

Katherine wakes up in a stone room with shiny metal bars blocking then doorway. The bars hinge open. A old looking Unicorn and also the one who’s horn glowed comes walking in. Two other unicorns follow them. “We have lived in peace. We have lived unseen. Are you to destroy this?” Says the old looking Unicorn with a mane that’s grey and horn covered in chips and cracks.

Before Katherine can answer, the Unicorn who’s horn glowed shouts “The sun now flashes from a unbalance of your existence unknown!” He lowers his head with means to charge at Katherine but is interrupted by the old looking Unicorn “You are one of us but you are not one of us. We are at balance, you have off set that balance. Come with us!” The two other unicorns with them move behind Katherine nudging her to get going and the old unicorn walks out the room first.

Katherine is glared at from the one who’s horn glowed. He then walks out following the older unicorn. Still in the room the two other unicorns behind Katherine nudge her again to walk out. Outside is beautiful. A land of trees and bright colored plants. Their brightness pulsating to the flashing of the sun. Walking over a bridge Katherine looks down at the river seeing her reflection.

“Unicorn!” She shouts out loud. She gets another nudge to keep moving. She is more aware of her hooves and body! “Unicorn!” Katherine shouts again surprised. She rememberers everything that happened in her house before her door was broken into. The book, the wish and all the pain.

The Unicorns enter a small village covered in plant life. A few other Unicorns are outside watching Katherine being escorted. She is taken to a large building. Pillars support a overhanging roof that is overhung completely around the entire building. A cobblestone floor surrounds the outside while also leading into a entrance.

Vines wrap around the pillars. They walk in seeing carvings of text on smooth walls of a hall way. Text Katherine can’t read. The hallway opens to a large area with a high ceiling. Other doorways are all around them leading to many other ways outside. Katherine sees six Unicorns standing in a circle. Most of them seemed much older then the old one who escorted her.

“Fasorie, is this the one you retrieved from the land of man?” Says a Unicorn who’s coat is grey mixed with white, his eyes looked sunken in and bloodshot. “Indeed!” Fasorie says with confidence and control.
Fasorie was the unicorn who originally broke down the door of Katherines house, lighting the room with his glowing horn then knocking her out.

“What’s your say in the matter Safter?” Says another unicorn whos horn was broken at the tip. Safter is the name to the old unicorn who escorted Katherine from her cell. “She is one of us but not one of us. Her life brings a unbalance to our lives causing a pull from the suns power. Surly you all have felt it?” Safter says looking at all the members of the council of unicorns.

“Mommy! Sara didn’t get her unicorn yet!” Yells little Samantha at her mother Charlotte. “Not now honey.” Charlotte responds eyes locked on the tv. “Welcome back to your local always trusted news channel 26 KWPTC.” Says a young looking news man. “The mystery of our flashing sun is baffling many scientists along with causing massive amounts of panic throughout the world. Many militant groups are now declaring holy wars blaming the suns irregularity on people living against God. We will be back with a message from the President after our sponsors.”

A commercial plays for a nutritional drink. “Mommy! I want to talk to Aunt Katherine!” Shouts angry Samantha. Still in the council hall of unicorns Katherine is in the center of a circle made by its members. They all sniff at her studying her. “All I did was make a funny wish!” Katherine says. “How am I a Unicorn?!?”

Back at the land of humans little Samantha is not giving up “Go to your room!” Shouts Charlotte at Samantha. Charlotte turns up the volume on the tv. “My people, my friends, my family. These acts of terrorism on our community will not be left without justice! These tragedies brought upon our loved ones are acts of pure evil.” Speaks the President.

A pleasant breeze blows through the council hall of unicorns. “Katherine is your name?!? You smell of man!” Shouts a angry unicorn at Katherine. “That horn you bear is it yours to command?” Says another. All this is happening at the same time that Charlotte far away is watching tv “Our brave military will stop these horrendous acts!” The president says. Back at the council hall of unicorns the unicorns have decided on a plan for Katherine “Let us see if this Katherine can live amongst us. We do not set harm on any living thing.” Speaks one of the oldest looking council members with a coat of fur missing many patches of hair.

“Let her walk through the river pure and if she makes it’s across she can live amongst us.” The old unicorn explains. All the unicorns nod in agreement and the entire council walks outside. Other unicorns follow them. It’s a beautiful scene. The sun flashing doesn’t effect the wonders of their tiny village. Stone pathways are seen all around, flowers and beautiful trees are scattered everywhere creating a warm feeling. They arrive at a clear slow flowing river.

“Come now Katherine go smell the flowers on the other side.” Says a kind looking elder unicorn. Katherine takes a step into the rivers water.” Back at Charlottes the tv is still on “That was the President live from his office. His assurance to us as a people that we will see justice.” Says the young newscaster. Katherine at this time is in the river and begins to feel foggy. She can see the flowers on the other side but their colors seem to be changing. “Take this book away from me!” Shouts a voice in her head.

At Charlottes the young newscaster begins to talk again “Now some more words from our sponsors” a car commercial plays. “Mommy! I want to speak to Aunt Katherine!” Shouts a determined Samantha. “I already told you” Charlotte cant finish her sentence, she hears gunfire filling the streets in front of her house. Her door slams open from mans foot kicking it in.

In the river Katherine hears the voice of her grandfather “Give it to me and I will leave this place!” He shouts. “Bless you, bless you.” Katherine hears another unrecognized voice say.

At Charlottes, little Samantha runs down the stairs in frighten tears. She sees men in her house pointing guns at her mom who’s laying in a puddle of blood on the floor. Little Samantha runs to her mom and the men pause for a moment before pointing their guns at the young child.

The river that Katherine is walking in gives her a feeling of warm water on her body but she is looking through her grandfathers eyes. She sees him using a chemical mixture to blur out all the words in the book he obtained.

At Charlottes, little Samantha is unaware of the armed men pointing their guns at her until she hears a deafening sound of gunfire. The men pointing their guns at her all fall to the floor and army swat team enters the house rescuing little Samantha.

Back at the river pure Katherine has made it to the other side. “They smell lovely!” Katherine says her nose bopping all the flowers. The smell brings happiness to her heart and a energy to her spirit! Back at Charlottes the swat team has taken little Samantha from the bloody scene. Little Samantha along with army men sit in the back of a military vehicle. Her tears and cry’s flow steadily and the army men sit in silence. One of the men cracks the window to his side and lets a breeze with the sound of the moving air come into the vehicle.

Most of the unicorns back at the river are excited. “She may live amongst us!” Says a elder unicorn. “Let us all live!” Says another unicorn. Fasorie looks annoyed and Katherines happiness fills the hearts of many council members.

“Grandma! Grandma! Tell us the story of the above ground again!” Says Kevin a five year old boy who can’t sit still. “I brought my friends, Sammy and Tommy!” Says Kevin. “Samantha, I know your tired. I can bring them all home.” Jessica says, Samanthas daughter. “It’s quite all right.” Responds Samantha now old and frail. She begins to speak to the young boys “The lilacs smelled beautiful and cool air rushed over your body as the sunlight warmed you.”

Samantha continues talking to the three children telling them all wonderful stories of the above ground. Since the flashing of the sun and moon, war increased. Human civilization set motion to panic causing most to move to large underground safe areas. This happened a long time ago for Samantha. Samanthas daughter, grandson and his two friends with many other people only knew of their life underground.

Samantha may have aged but Katherine did not. Unicorns age much slower. “Katherine are you feeling alright?” Asks Afaro the father to their unborn child. “Yes, I’m feeling a little tired and going to lay down.” Katherine replies. “I’m getting the elder Chranis again.” Afaro states to Katherine. Chranis one of the oldest unicorns is very knowledgeable of health and Katherines pregnancy is mysterious.

Usually when a Unicorn carries its baby it takes two years for the baby to be developed and birthed. Katherines pregnancy is now going over four! Afaro leaves to search for Chranis. Chranis can’t be found at the council hall and Afaro goes around back to a smaller shed like building. His search is stopped when he smells Fasorie with another unicorn named Rhamit.

Fasorie and Afaro never got along and their relationship became worse after Afaros love with Katherine. “The sun still flashes because of that Katherine! Now she bears a unborn child of four years! Does Afaro mean to kill all of us?!?” Fasories words spoken softly but with anger to Rhamit.

Afaro now softly walks backs hiding himself in one of the doorways to the council area avoiding Fasorie from knowing his presence. He listens closely from far away. “I agree with you Fasorie, that child will bring us doom. Let us save all life by ending the life of Katherine and her unborn child.” Says Rhamit. “And the life of Afaros! The next storm their house will burn but only after our horns have pierced through their hearts!” Fasorie says in rage.

Afaro knowing of Fasories connections with other unicorns and the council also knows he cannot confront Fasorie. He rushes home to Katherine. Chranis happened to have stopped to check on Katherine when Afaro was out. “I am certain!” Chranis says in excitement to Katherine. “The child your hold is human! Wonderful!” This makes Katherine happy, she remembers being human. A fear also resides in her because of Fasorie and other Unicorns. Chranis leaves and Katherine falls asleep. Afaro comes home.

“Katherine! We must leave now!” Afaro says waking her up. He explains to her Fasories plan and they both leave that night. Afaro and Katherine travel for two and half years finding refuge in a distant and secluded land. Most of the unicorns back at the village believe Afaros and Katherines leaving was from shame of conceiving a human child.

Fasorie wanted to set up a search party for Afaro and Katherine but the elders thought it was best to leave it be. Fasorie then convinces Rhamit to go looking with him for the two runaways. It was then Fasorie tasted blood with his horn for the first time. Killing Rhamit out of fear that Rhamit would tell the council members their original plan. Fasorie explains to the council that Rhamit went on a life’s journey and will not be returning for some time as to better himself.

Katherine lays under the hot flashing sun with Afaro by her side. The sun seeming to flash faster that day, she is giving birth. Katherine pushes slowly then a body incased in a clear gel sack comes out of her. Afaro using his horn rips open the sack and a human girl looking six years old lays close to her mother. Katherine turns and nuzzles around her newborn child. That night Chranis has a dream of Katherine giving birth to a human girl and he passes away in his sleep.

Two years have passed since Katherine gave birth. “Mommy look lilacs!” Says Emma, Katherines human child. “They smell beautiful!” Emma says. “All things are beautiful, Emma.” Katherine says. Afaro walks over to take a sniff for himself and Emma laughs with joy.

A hoof is stomped down in mud, the rain gets heavier. Fasories mind is bent on finding Katherine to destroy her! His knowledge of tracking is excellent and thirst for blood is twisted by a feeling of becoming a unknown savior. He finds their home that night in the pouring rain and rushes into it with rage!

Afaro jumps from his sleep clashing horns with Fasorie! The two interlock and they jump to their hind legs. “Katherine! Get Emma out of here!” Yells Afaro. Katherine runs with Emma outside in the pouring rain. Horns clashing while their body’s slam into each other Fasorie wraps his neck around Afaros.

Fasorie jumps back slightly while plunging his horn forward into Afaros neck!Katherine feels the death of her love Afaro and runs back to the house. Fasorie drunk with murder slowly walks out, the rain washes the blood off his horn. Katherine lunges at him spearing him in the chest! That moment the moon stopped flashing.

Eight years have pasted since that night. Emma has aged liked a normal human girl and is seventeen years old. Humans started slowly coming back to the surface. The sun and moon stopped flashing. Katherines fear of being discovered by humans along with safety for her daughter grows.

Katherine worries that harm could come to Emma if humans find out she is the daughter of a unicorn. Katherine has been scouting out human villages because of this. She motivates Emma to leave and find refuge in a safe looking human camp while also keeping her family history a secret. The sadness of the two parting seems overwhelming. Emma makes way to the village and her mother Katherine disappears from all the land that man sets foot on.

“Charlie! I see a women from beyond the barrier!” Gary excitingly says looking through his binoculars on a high look out post. “She’s pretty! Charlie! There’s a woman approaching go tell the Captain!” Charlie who was half asleep wakes up and hurry’s down the ladder to inform Captain Hebert of a woman approaching the gate.

The Captain sends out a welcoming party and they discover the woman is a young girl named Emma who has been wandering in the woods. Emma tells the Captain both her mother and father passed away from sickness in their secluded cabin. She also tells him she left with hopes of finding other people and has been lost in the forest for days. The Captain and the welcoming party brings Emma in their village. Emma gets greeted by old lady’s with happy faces, young children and many other people.

“Clean clothes! Come with me and we’ll change you into something clean!” Says a kind looking old lady with thick wrinkles covering her face which closed her eyes when she smiled. Emma goes to a bathing house. She is cleaned up and changes into clean clothes. Time goes by and she makes many young friends. A school teaches her to read and write and she’s excels at everything she does quickly.

Emma falls in love. She is now a young woman of twenty two and loves a young man who’s twenty named Leaf. One sunny day the sound of men screaming and fighting is heard outside the barrier. Captain Hebert’s team spotted another team of men approaching the gate and upon sending out a welcoming party they quickly found out the other men had no intentions of greetings.

Captain Hebert and his men are brutally killed in battle. The opposing men break through the gate killing everyone in sight. Emma and Leaf run hiding in a store house. Some of the attacking men find Leaf shielding over Emma to protect her.

The men grab Leaf throwing him to the ground then kick him onto a concrete block. Leaf lay unconscious with a small gash bleeding from his head. At that moment Emma screams! A burst of light shoots out from her body blinding all the men and herself! She wakes up in the center of town with Leaf now conscious holding her.

Dead bodies lay everywhere. All the towns people and men who attacked them are scattered throughout the town. Emma doesn’t remember a thing and Leaf only remembers shielding her before being knocked out. The two run away and make a little secluded home for themselves.

Their love strengthens and one sunny day while bathing in the river Emma and Leaf embrace in a passionate kiss. The river water flows far and fast. Across rocks and around bends. The current erodes land and its water flows into it. Far away the council members of unicorns have barely aged. They sit on mossy ground discussing politics. The air is hot and a water droplet seeps out some stones on the side of a mound. The droplet drips on a patch of moss covering a rock. The council members become silent when this happens.

One of the unicorns walks over to the rock, sniffs it then exhales a powerful thrust filled with disgust. Unorganized chatter of displeasure is the sound within the mossy lands made by the voices of the council members. The council members are in uproar! The unicorn by the rock takes his hoof and stomps down crushing the rock, silencing all the chatter of the council members.

“Send the Lilly’s!” He shouts. The Lilly’s are female unicorns who’s horns are soaked with hate. They dwell in the dark swamp lands. They have great power and the council uses them as tools for destruction. The Lilly’s are then sent by the council to destroy this atrocity they have deemed to be so. The Lilly’s move swiftly through the night clinging to trees like shadows, frighting all wildlife around them as they travel.

They approach Emma and Leafs cabin at night. Emma wakes up from her sleep looking out the window. She sees a mist come out the Lilly’s nostrils outside. The Lilly’s rush in! Wildlife all around retreats in fear!

Leaf stands up to protect Emma! A Lilly’s horn is pierced through Leafs arm! Emma screams encasing her body in a bright light! The Lilly’s pause and step back. Emma sees her love Leaf laying down on the ground with blood rushing out his arm!

Emma screams again! Then a horn shoots out sprouting from the center of her head! At the same time all the Lilly’s explode to their deaths! Mud from their exploding bodies splatter on the walls and on Leaf. The swamp lands that the Lilly’s came from begins to howl a awful screech. The council members hears the terrible noise and they begin to panic! One of the members smirks to himself in a corner. Emma falls to the ground in agony. She gets up on all fours running out the door with enormous speed!

Trees and tall grass quickly pass by her in a blur. The moon has started flashing again but this time a brighter light! Her running stops and she screams a cry of turmoil! With Emmas loud cry the moon ignites with light! Far away some of the oldest council members fall when she does this. A sudden pain caused them to fall to the floor with blood coming out their eyes. The moon lights the land like daytime for that moment. Emma starts running again! The council member who smirked leaves unnoticed out one of the back doors as the other unicorns are distracted aiding the fallen council members. He travels and meets a human. Both leave on a boat in the darkness.
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