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The Rising of the Shield Hero Discussion

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ranran-001 wrote:


Inappropriate... but funny

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hammerreborn wrote:

The entire point is to keep him in the country. Right now the only thing keeping the kingdom alive is having all four heroes present. The other kingdoms are managing with Fitoria and their own forces/adventurers presumably.

When I think about it why on earth did Naofumi suddenly accept the invite to go see the queen when he detests the royal family so much he wouldn't even listen to melty despite having met her before and her being a child.

If the show had followed Naofumi's logic up to that point he would have continued and left the country - it's not really possible to defend an entire border and they don't really have a counter to the Shield Heroes party even if the troops did luckily happen to be in the right spot.

Plus the minute he makes it over the wall the Melromarc troops can't follow without starting a war.

Seems terribly contrived now I think about it...
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