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Your favorite manga with "odd" couples, ongoing or completed.

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Posted 12/27/18 , edited 12/27/18
Some of these recs are gonna show how old I am, but oh well:

Katatsumuri Zensen (Snail Battlefront): She's a normal girl, he's the straight A hottie - who also turns into a snail when he gets too stressed. (complete. Even if I get old and Alzheimer-y, I will probably still remember the very last page of this manga)

Kawaii Hito (Cute Person): He's a sweet florist who looks like he's come straight from a horror movie set, she's a super pretty university student. (Ongoing, and so goshdarn cute it gives me cavities, oh my god, these two. Of course, everything Saitou Ken-sensei touches is basically gold, but this is probably the only series of hers that doesn't reduce me to a sobbing lump of tears.)

Kimi wa Pet (You're My Pet): She's a serious, hardworking career woman, he's a cheerful - but homeless - ballet dancer.

W Juliet (Double Juliet): She's a manly-looking girl who wants to be an action actress, he has to complete high school as a girl - without being found out - so his family will let him pursue his dream of acting. (complete. Other manly girl and girly boy series include Pheromomania Syndrome, Otonari Complex and Never Give Up)

HoriMiya (Hori-san and Miyamura-kun): In school, she's the bright, smart popular girl, but after school, she's domestic, with zero make-up and comfy, baggy clothes. At school, he's the lonely weirdo who hides behind his hair and glasses, but in private, he's covered in tattoos and piercings. (ongoing)

P to JK: She's a regular high school girl, he's a cop! He tries to break up with her when he finds out her age, because dating her would be wrong, but he's already fallen for her. So.... they get married (manga logic, man. Ongoing last I checked)

Koretto wa shinu koto ni shita (Colette has decided to die): She's a healer, he's.... Hades. (I'm so far behind on this, I don't know if it's complete)

Furare-girl (Dumped girl): She's the supremely hot girl everybody lusts over, he's the cheerful boy who just wants to make her smile and actually treat her like a person. (ongoing)

And while this isn't a romance, it has romance subplots in the later volumes: Kono Oto Tomare. He's an infamous delinquent who wants to join the koto (traditional Japanese instrument) club to honor his deceased grandfather, she's the heir of a prestigious koto-playing family. Also two other odd couple combos with side characters. (ongoing)

If you're okay with gay romance, I recommend Sasaki to Miyano, where laidback, cool guy delinquent (yet oddly bad at fist-fights) Sasaki tries to get to know his crush Miyano through bonding over Miyano's hobby; reading BL (or yaoi) manga. (ongoing)

Basically, polar opposites and quirky character combinations are super common tropes that you're gonna find in both shounen, shoujo, josei and BL romance (not sure about seinen romance, since I can't think of a single title off the top of my head).

If asking for recs in forums isn't working (because you've read all the incoming recs already, darn it!), I highly recommend seeing what magazine your favorite manga is running in in Japan, and checking out what other titles also run in the same magazine (mangaupdates(.)com will have the info you need). Chances are, you're gonna find something you'll like.
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Posted 12/31/18 , edited 12/31/18
Nodame Cantabile: Complete josei. Nodame and Chiki are on the outset very mismatched. Chiaki has an elite background and is considered a prodigy. Nodame comes across as a bumpkin, unconcerned with appearances, but both share an immense love for music. It's so much fun, there's an anime and a live drama adaptation too. (My all time favourite)

Horimiya is a good one but lately has dropped the ball by focusing on all of it's similar looking side characters. I don't mind side character stories but there is an abundant lack of … story. Still worth reading for the main couple though!

IS-Otoko Demo Onna Demo Nai Sei. One character is intersex and is growing up trying to come to terms with their identity and gender and the other character is a straight boy. The characters grow up so you see them go through different stages of life. Unfortunately the quality does decline in the second half and I continued purely to see the ending. The first half is incredible still.

Raise wa Tanin ga Ii - Ongoing Seinen. Yakuza offspring tied in a political engagement. The characters are quite quirky. The male lead is super off his rocker and the female lead tries to act like she's a regular person but her environment has had it's fair share of influence on her. It's fairly new but seems really promising!

Totsuzen Desu ga Ashita Kekkon Shimasu Everyone's Getting Married Izumi Miyazono, slightly more run of the mill but the two main characters fall in love but have very different views on relationships, the woman wants a traditional marriage and the man does not believe in marriage.

Usotsuki Lily, My Little Monster, Tokyo Crazy Paradise (daughter of police couple and yakuza heir). Perfect Girl Evolution but don't expect any closure, plenty of oddity though.

If you like webtoons then Kubera.

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Posted 1/7/19 , edited 1/7/19
Please no judge, but all mine are BL (because I lost the idea of having a life many years ago lol).Also I don't know if manhwa counts,but I'll count it.

Cherry Blossoms After Winter:
A shounen-ai (no funky times aka safe for work) manhwa. The couple consists of Taesung (a semi-popular boy who is kinda stoic) and Haebom (a sweet-hearted boy). Haebom & Taesung were childhood friends who ended up living together after Taesung's mom took Haebom in when his parents died, treating him better than her own son (she is suggested to have been in love with Haebom's mom, either way his mom was her best friend). But Haebom and Taesung soon have a falling out due to a misunderstanding. After many years of avoidance, in 12th grade the 2 are put in the same class, and open up to eachother again. I hope I summarized it okay, the background is hard to explain, but either way the 2 are so cute and precious because they're so different! Also this is one of those nice shounen-ai manhwa that has the pair open up to eachother without one forcing the other, and the mom approves of them so yay :D.

Not for the Faint of Heart
Mentioning because it's literally a guy and a ghost trying to date, also a very sweet (and sad) shounen-ai manhwa.

Not really a COUPLE couple, but Nezumi and Shion from No.6 are kind of a thing. They are odd because it's a privileged boy (Shion) who fell from the elite after taking care of a criminal (Nezumi) and the two are polar opposites.
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Posted 2/21/19 , edited 2/21/19
I've just finished reading a manga called 'I sold my life for 10,000 yen per year' or 'three days of happiness'. It is a bit more on the tragedy side of things but so so good, I think it might be my favourite manga to date. It's completed at 17 chapters long and just a really touching story. Probably won't be for everyone but give it a go and make up your own mind, and then tell me what you think coz I'm dying to talk to someone about it aha
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Posted 2/23/19 , edited 2/23/19
Gleipnir ...

Those are the two leads. A kind-hearted young man (who turns into a living theme park costume) and the yandere beauty who "wears" him.
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