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Edens Zero

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29 / M / at the Earls wait
Posted 2/12/19 , edited 2/13/19
Im loving these Rave Master references
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Western Europe
Posted 2/19/19 , edited 2/19/19

Greylurker wrote:

"This next story is extremely sadistic. I'm sorry"

ok that's really unsettling, I don't think I've ever had a series give me a warning like that before

I feel the same way. Before I saw this as a happy story to read in between some of the heavier drama and now I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

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Posted 2/26/19 , edited 2/27/19
So I'm looking at hermit
I'm seeing blond
I'm seeing twin tails
I'm seeing hatred of the main character

I'm hearing Rei Kugimiya

I know the series already has Happy, but Hermit just screams Tsundere Queen
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Posted 2/27/19 , edited 2/27/19
There's a theory that Elsie is impersonating Homura because Jesse was last seen in Elsie's crew, and because people's avatars don't have to match their appearances. If that's true, is there a possibility that Jesse shouldn't be calling her "Big H", especially since he never actually says her name in Japanese?
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Posted 28 days ago , edited 28 days ago
So... Maria is Valkyrie right? There is almost no way Maria isn't Valkyrie and that kind of makes me sad that the show is so predictable that I can just pinpoint something that the author wants to be a major twist from 10 chapters away. I know this is written for children but you could try a little harder, you know.
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