Why does Crunchy Skip Chapters?

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Posted 5/21/18 , edited 5/22/18
I've found that Crunchy will release chapter 1 of a series and then skip, sometimes dozens of chapters. Is there a reasoning behind it? is it licensing? why release a manga you haven't been able to fully license? It forces people to read elsewhere when they just want to read here.
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Posted 5/21/18 , edited 5/22/18
Kodansha (publisher) is using Crunchyroll as an on-line outlet for a marketing ploy to push sales of their published electronic and hard-copy (collected full) volumes. Supposedly the missing volumes are available for purchase in the Crunchyroll Android (regular) anime app (not the manga app).


I see that most of the titles that were here are also available on Comixology (Amazon) where you supposedly can get a monthly rate subscription for a somewhat limited subset of that catalog. I'm not subscribed, myself, but I would guess that on these Kodansha links, the ones with the "UNLIMITED" banners are included in the "all you can read" subscription service, along with other offerings from other publishers as well. Of course, the great bulk of what's there (especially DC) are purchase-only, typical Amazon tactics.

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Posted 4/23/19 , edited 4/23/19
So I pay Crunchy Roll for anime/manga to watch/read... that they advertise they have a anime/manga (saying nothing about not having access to all the episodes/chapters)...


Turn around and pay another company for the missing episodes/chapters ... that I thought I was paying Crunchy Roll to watch/read...

Awesome love paying twice for the same item its great! /sarcasm.

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Posted 4/23/19 , edited 6/22/19
Honestly 100% I pay for this premium yet I can't even read the manga for Domestic Girlfriend without it having to skip from chapter 1 to 165, and now I'm learning that I need to buy the other chapters? Especially for $10.99 each? I paid a lot for premium and now this is actually just aggravating.
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Posted 6/22/19 , edited 6/23/19
Damn, this really blows. Like DragonWarrior, I wanted to read the manga for Domestic Girlfriend, but I can't because of the fact that we have to buy the chapters when we pay a full subscription to read this stuff. I agree this is really aggravating,
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Posted 6/23/19 , edited 6/23/19
im usually not the one to defend Crunchyroll (much to the contrary), but lets be honest here. your $5-$6 a month isnt enough to pay the cost for manga. a single volume alone ranges from $7 up to $13 (edit: these are the prices for raw volumes. the english translated volumes costs a little more). there are more expensive volumes out there, but for the most part, each volume costs around that much. not to forget that there is also the cost for licensing anime, which means only a small fraction of the $5 would actually go towards manga. (how much isnt clear, but likely only a small fraction, since the focus of Crunchyroll is anime).
it makes sense that collected volumes are not available on Crunchyroll for the most part. otherwise, why would people pay full price for a volume when they can pay not even the full price of the cheapest manga volume to access all volumes from all the manga series on Crunchyroll?

to make the full catalogue available, they would need to offer a different membership service that focus on manga alone. for full catalogue, the membership would likely need to be higher than Comixology, which is $6 a month (and doesnt offer everything anyway). maybe $10 a month or more, depending on how many series are available and how much the publishers want in return for the required license. from whay i recall, Crunchyroll actually offered a separate membership for reading manga at $2 or $3 a month or so. the membership was apparently so unpopular, they scraped it and merged the manga and anime membership into one - the one you are currently enjoying.
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