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Is there a manga that you heard that had a terrible ending?

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Posted 1/14/19 , edited 1/14/19
Naruto does grow a fair bit; his core personality doesn't change but it's impossible to act like he hasn't grown significantly from when he was first introduced to when the Pain arc finishes; his priorities have changed from becoming the Hokage to earn the village's respect to becoming the Hokage to protect it (and hence that is why he has earnt their respect). And while he still has a few moments of screwing up in the later arcs, they're a lot fewer and far between. I do think Naruto as a series has an okay ending but a crap final arc (Tobi unites all the villages in fear of him instead of just letting them fight among themselves; 2 literal deus ex machina powerups for Naruto and Sasuke, plus one non-literal one for Kakashi; everything to do with Kaguya). But the actual ending with Naruto beating and redeeming Sasuke and becoming Hokage is actually a really good ending for such a long running series (which tend to end poorly, even really good ones like YYH). It's probably because there was that underlying conflict with Sasuke alongside the running goal of being Hokage that meant the ending felt a lot more final than in something like Dragonball where most of the arcs just sort of happen and are very individual from each other for the most part.

Oh, and that's my vote for worst manga ending - YYH. Not the fault of the author - by all accounts Togashi's health just couldn't take it - but the final arc of YYH is almost unbearable to read with the artstyle crashing, plot points introduced and then immediately abandoned, and a plot dump instead of a final battle (and a final twist that recontextualises some of the series but is really kind of unnecessary and put in way too late). I think it's the main reason I'd always reccomend the YYH anime over the manga - they really manage to salvage that final arc mostly and make it entertaining, and I think it ends on a much higher note than the manga did.

(Much comedy to be found from having Deku be presented as an example of a protagonist developing though; he hasn't changed at all since his introduction except become stronger. The only way MHA would have a protagonist that develops is if Bakugo was made the MC.)
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Posted 1/15/19 , edited 1/15/19

qualeshia3 wrote:



What's the point of that?


Just trying to get CR points?

Anyway, for the others, I recommend reading Bakuman.
It's about two kids trying to be mangaka.

explains a lot why some manga ends unexpectedly. Simply lost places in popularity to other manga and they started to tinker and starts getting weird, or they tried to make the series longer and gets weird (Bleach, Berserk) and ends losing popularity

Artist is the same as Death Note. pretty good story.
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Posted 1/17/19 , edited 1/17/19
The Legend of Maian.
The manga technically didn't get an ending (cancelled or hiatus?), but I heard how the light novel ends and...
A million times, no thank you.
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Posted 1/18/19 , edited 1/19/19
Kill la Kill. The manga is pretty good. BUT! Only one problem. It only covers half the anime. Why couldn't the author include the rest?
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Posted 3/2/19 , edited 3/2/19
strawberry panic. it went on hiatus, and then it never came back ):
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Posted 3/13/19 , edited 3/13/19
I haven't read it, but after watching all of Slam Dunk i was curious about the manga. It sounds like it ended on a real depressing note.
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Posted 3/25/19 , edited 3/25/19
Dragonar Academy is actually a great manga but has a terrible ending, as if the mangaka suddenly needed to end the series, i'm very sad with that couse it could have been MUCH longer instead of the crappy ending that solves nothing that it has now.

Another one is Lord Marksman and Vanadis
A great series with an equally great anime, but as i read on i discovered it has the same lame ending as the anime, as if it was decided halfway trough that the manga needed to end,making it look like there will be a sequel series wich likely will never happen.
Made me not collect the entire manga series at home.

So if u are reading these series, beware of the bad ending.
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Posted 4/1/19 , edited 4/2/19
Although Bleach ending is quite satisfying the whole arc is quite a mess and most of the characters didn't get to shine. I'm scared that similar thing might happen to Shokugeki no Soma.
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Posted 4/3/19 , edited 4/4/19
Terrible endings I've read:

Has to be Prison School, for multiple reasons. I'd throw Nisekoi in here as well, but I wouldn't describe it as "terrible".

Terrible endings I've heard about/not read:

Bleach (more underwhelming than anything), Ranma 1/2, Soul Eater, Liar Game, amoungst others named in this thread already.
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Posted 4/5/19 , edited 4/5/19
BLEACH. What else? The Water Dragon's Bride, ANONYMOUS NOISE, VAMPIRE KNIGHT.
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