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Projects. Aside from your main Focus. Stress testing your mind

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enjoy my hard work at the low low cost of 0 $

Sin, yay I kinda like the color scheme.

*Laugh* Look at them * dancing to nothing* Mindless, numb, and you care about this? * getting fairly close to him her motion goes dead still* What they continue to do, and still*Giggle* I will never understand it, and I will never understand you. You do not budge to my dance... Do you accept me?

Reality doesn't lie, especially when it's staring you right in the face

*Grin* *getting close to his ear she whispers* I was hoping you would say that

"The longer you take on something, the more flaws you will find

Good and bad, but I feel sometimes it is necessary to see something you just couldn't see before. Just don't think, feel what you do. The slightest touch has meaning; so don't mistake it for something useless. Every line and curve, every movement, placement, the finest of details are never realized until fully bloomed.

You'll never find it until it finds you. look beneath the surface, something that shows you endless potential wont always be the final product, but a beginning to an ending that loses all sense of reality in order to find a new, when people can see what is in your mind, reality becomes a feeling of acceptance, intrigue, wanting, improving, sharing.

Like stone that never changes, it is either appreciated, or molded and shaped into something to be awe inspiring. Sometimes the world needs to be shaped by hands that sees a better fit "

Finally just took some time to really sit down and draw. Sheesh, its been a pretty busy time for me


Alright, real talk.

It all started about 4 years ago having this dream about drawing and streaming. Maybe not so much a dream, but a vision, drawing absolutely amazing artwork. Ever since I have relied more on my ability to search for that one particular drawing I was thinking about, and I believe this drawing is now the starting point

Messing around with designs and colors

It all started from playing some heavy metal. It liked it? I wouldn't know how else to describe it..... IT.....She.....Started to enjoy my company.....And she brought some friends.

Soooooo, This is my OC Grim the Void master, and shes going to My representation of the perfect being. Hime has nothing on her

Just a little WIP, Kinda wanna stay true to the colors

"What are you doing?"

"Staring off into the distance

"Are you trying to look menacing!?"

Beginning to blush she tries to keep her composure.

" You are! *Floating in front of her face" *She takes a swing with her sword hoping to strike him.

"Quiet you!"

"Do you really think you have any sort of fearsome reputation among the 6? They think you are a joke"

"*Sigh* They see me just fine, I don't think it hurts my chances"

"Chances...Right . You have had plenty of chances.... Is this all because you lost a Construct Fragment to Wrath? I didn't think the effects would happen so fast, but you have to realize what level she has over you"

" She got lucky"

"No, she understands what she needs to achieve, and you keep putting your dam Pride in front of you !"

I guess its just getting to excited about improving myself, I kinda got too comfortable, but just sitting down and wanting to find out about Envy, It's a whole new way of seeing Green. Seeing green with Envy, I'm not use to it. Green has always been my go to happy and full of life color. To completely change your feelings to Envy, it just distracted me.

I wanted to try so hard to keep green as this for sure meaning, but somehow its hard for me to express this character. Thats where the idea of having someone blind speak for the one that can be the eyes, because envy in my eyes has no words, it's a feeling, it's this evil that takes over, and having someone being the manipulator of words allows envy to feel like the most powerful sin.... But where words fail, the only thing left is what is truly in front of you, without a vision one cannot carry Envy. Without speaking for yourself, it proves how weak you really are

Trying to finalize everything. Wrath is proving to be a strong depiction of justice

This is where sins start to become more powerful. What you have done in your life determines the outcome you must take responsibility for. No matter the right in your actions; you will always carry with you the wrath of sin. No meaning to truth if blind, Justice for those who seek it.

One of the reasons I Like to dedicate more time on certain stories is that they all get the same amount of attention no matter what stage of development they are in. It allows me to grab and pull different worlds and ideas from each.

Different settings and total vibe and feel for a given story allows me to express new ways of telling a story. No format, no predictability; at least for what I am trying to accomplish. I don't want to sit there saying to myself, thats just filler. Why limit yourself to a format? Why do people feel the need to implement a grind to their creation, like none of this has any meaning to it other than the fact of being a representation of ( The face of reason and likability ) Why not instead build you appreciation for watching something instead of just instantly forgetting something thats a total waste of my time.

I'm sure when people buy something they like, thats not a waste of time to them. I'm sure when you go out to a nice meal that's not a waste of time for you, but I forget that people like to try new and exciting things, and then you realize that most new and exciting things aren't so great.

Why is that? Because people don't look through the eyes of the customer anymore. They simply do something for the simple fact of grabbing someones attention without any substance to it. The face value of an empty shell.

Why don't people wake up? Why don't people put every ounce of effort into searching for the perfect storm. People don't give a fuck anymore because people throw money to the wind. So why is it so useless for me to follow?

You don't understand how long this didnt need to be Like the design was already there, yet I made it more complicated than it needed to be, so when I finally went back to my way of doing things, everything works out. I can safely say it isn't me, because there is nothing I feel that cannot be surpassed. You'll see, I have always been right

"I wanted you to find me.. I wanted you all to find me, but you just can't help it. I can smell your greed from miles away... You want this badly
dont you? I'll show you just how powerful a Dormant dream is when it is finally awoken"

People dont want to work hard anymore

" I never thought much outside these four walls, only in my mind did I ever think there was something worth living for" *Rolling over on her bed* "Not to say I'm completely lazy... I work, probably harder than I should, but that's the price I have to pay for being lazy. My time is what I make of it; so just because I like to lay in bed all day doesn't mean I'm.... Lazy, you know. I like to design and create things, I like to feel comfortable all around, body and mind, so who can judge me? "

"I like my silence, solitude, privacy, whatever one sounds better *Chuckle* I make sure I look good, feel good, because it's all about showing people you're positive so they don't bother you... I like it that way, but eventually you get the creeps who want to bother you... I always hated that. I guess it doesn't matter how hard you try to work on yourself, some people just can't leave it at that, they need to make you feel uncomfortable and vulnerable.... Almost makes me want to give up on being positive" *Leaning up to face the window in her room* Though... there is the one who really has my back. He doesn't ask anything from me, he just makes sure I'm safe. He knows I can look after myself..... for the most part. He just doesn't like it when I'm alone so much, but knows well enough to respect my privacy.... I guess that's why I don't mind spending time with him. Its nice knowing the feeling of being safe with someone, It makes the outside world more enjoyable. It makes me see more, he gives me that little push to step outside when I just don't want to..... A reason to Change my mind when everything seems so cold and pointless"

* Looking down at a man standing outside her apartment window* "I guess this whole life thing doesn't seem so bad when you have someone else that understands you..... Even if hes just a big dummy "

Going right into Sloths character, It's very easy to do that, because there is that bigger connection. Design wise, Sloth and Gluttony are my favorite. Even the concepts and designs are much more lively, so it really comes down to a lot of *How real do I want to get with the idea. It's not everyday I come up with this character driven idea, where every character has to have an impact no matter what. Believing in one character to be your favorite, 7 characters begins to feel healthy and strong for people to follow, it isn't about the result or resolve, it's about the impact. I think people forget that, believing there can only be one true favorite for others. A little bit of everyone relates to someone else, and each character represents that feeling of having a choice to be who and what we want to be

It has been a while, but I just love this concept though. The past week I have been going through top to bottom, what these characters are going look like and feel like. I guess when I look back I had a general understanding of what I wanted to have. Their battle stance, fighting style. Everyone needs to have this different feel about them. It's cool I just think Greed was way to complex for me to handle right now, but I feel she came out really good. I think Greed and Envy will be my hardest ones to create, because I feel a stronger attachment to the others. To really feel each character with more experience than yourself, you really need to justify that.

Here is a small scene

"They all Disagree with you, and by now they all hate you, what kind of company treats people like this?"

"Then they should be looking for new jobs *Laugh* They know they need this job. You need to shut your mouth and learn something. We have all the money in the world, don't lecture me"

" If you keep treating people like this nobody will work for you"

" *Slamming thousands of applications and resumes in front of her* You.... You speak to me about how to run a business! I have thousands waiting to work for me. Why give people what they want, when they can settle for less, when they can slowly decide whether or not they could do better when they have become comfortable. You want to talk now, after the life you have lived full of endless wealth. If I hear anymore of this outside of this office, you will be sorry...... Family or not. Nothing comes between me and my business"

---------A blinding light slowly fades

"Stop...*Holding her hand up * Shes here" Taking in her surroundings. " Hiding, but there is a chance of revealing herself. We must wait for everyone to gather. There is a better outcome when we have marked all five, then it comes down to the one she chooses, from there we strike. This Fragment is a great prize, I'm counting on you"

mmmmm. Just going over a few looks, at least to get the understanding that Greed is sometimes met with dark times, its still a concept I'm working on. I just want to have some kind of reference for now, because Greed is really one of the Main characters of this story, so to get a little more emotion from her is very rare, and these are the opportunities to really mold her character. Sometimes even the most refined and hard people show disgust for something they can't even handle, so what does that do to them in order to just be so cut throat, but yet so level headed.

I need to look at this for a while, then I will recreate, since I am always working from scratch with this character, shes not like the others

Look I did a thing that I'm working on, and Its really fun

I really like the way it came out so far, really giving that second life feel, just complete madness. I love it

I like to take the weekends to concentrate on my work I like how this character is coming out. Funny to think that my first concept of this character was a lot better in terms of style and feel, but my overall progress of her design is getting a lot better. I think It takes time to finally see what you truly have in mind, since this idea was introduced back around 2016, but on my mind around 2015. Things become more clear in 3-4 years. Its never a good idea to not fully use the potential for a story.

Now I actually have a real story for her character, I'm starting to see changes in her appearance. I think my mindset was more geared towards this stronger and overpowering appearance, but then it just feels to generic, I wanted to actually create some more unique ideas about her, shes this almost tiny, explosive,energetic personality. Not for her as a person, but for her Sin that she carries. Then it starts to make sense, each character will be unique

I Wanted this idea to be so Politically incorrect, but yet at the same time, something soo real that it's actually amazing, this achievement of this visually stunning creation that brings about a 50/50. Something so right that it's wrong, or something so wrong that it's right. Either people will love it with a mass following, and hate because people love it for being so wrong , or it just falls short

This idea about 7 people with lives just like you or me having the chance to show the reality of a world each have been surrounded by. A dream each have been forced to create in order to suit their needs, but thrown into a setting each must overcome, all the while being shown what time they come from, what injustices they face, for each of their sins comes a time to be show perspective.

Is what they have been labeled any worse than a world that tries to destroy their existence

Perspective... Trying to really work it out, I'm having a lot of fun with it. When you start seeing characters as something more than just being a part of your world, but essentially throwing yourself into that perspective. When an image speaks more than words, I appreciate what is in front of me to the fullest. What your focus is for that given drawing, almost relaxing in a way

Looking back almost a year, this idea revolved around these two races with bad blood, a reason to Create this fight against one another. We never really get into the personal conflict, it's all about a way of life seen fit and suited for one particular race, we don't necessarily get to see the wrong on both sides.

There is nothing stopping one another living side by side, it is simply the thought and actions we remember, and what we fail to realize is the benefit of combining each races strengths in order to improve the knowledge we have already obtained from our own understanding. What we never accept into our lives because of pure hatred and arrogance. Others willing to prove the power of a different mindset can be utilized for each goal in sight.

but still to this day, what can we gather from repelling the dark. Sometimes a space that was never envisioned always needed to be shown some kind of light, our eyes can't see lifes true colors without guidance, acceptance

Two rebels, one goal
Taken to a tundra of white and stillness, darkness begin to veil the surrounding scene, and an unsettling energy begins to drag itself across the land. Emerging from the darkness, skin so pale yet radiant, a woman wearing white; leaving behind a once darkened existence.

“Must you wear such revealing clothes?” A dark voice filled with power, displaying only energy as his form “Why do you show yourself to the elements?

“I wanted to show you something* Eager to see her chance not go wasted, her efforts, she tries to explain the best she can*

“ If this is another one of your feeble attempts at acknowledging a failing race(Raising his voice)

“Look!*She quickly Spins on top of the undisturbed snow; Fabric from her outfit begins to interact with the snow, filling the air with a distinct glow and brilliance*

“Enough of this” * A violent shift momentarily shows an evil stare*

“ It’s pure energy! Altering the fabric of my clothing allows me to interact with each landscape, don’t you see?”

“You do not study the likes of such things, why disadvantage yourself?”

“Because if we begin to interact with the outside world; we can” *Being cut off*

“You will suffer from failure.. You leave the realm of true power to exist for this…. Wasteland?* almost insulted for even uttering such words”

*the balance slowly fading* “But if we become one with our surrounding, we can improve it… Can you not see? Why does nothing get through to you?”

“ I have seen how Man deals with their surroundings, they only seek knowledge of Truth; yet I see what their values result in. They fight to protect Their glory…. On the scale that outweighs dependency, they easily forget what land they even stand on.

“We can sustain land here; empower it, and we would still have our world!*Showing her enthusiasm to this idea* is there anything better than two worlds? To even have a chance, the studies and research we can put into our powers. You want power, but yet you can’t see this opportunity”

“You are testing my patience young lady”

***”This feels fantastic”*** An echo not to far from their position a seal tears a rift that teleports a man through* “Wow, this is by far the smoothest transition from one seal to the next. Amazing by the way, I must thank you Rosetta”

“What are you doing!?* A very controlled outburst directed towards the man, filled with embarrassment and shock*

“What? The fabric, Im hooked. Surely you have more we could work with”

Showing a very faint horrific face of the dark power in their presence.

“Rosetta*Seething* I will end his life if he continues to speak further, your punishment…. inevitable”

“Oh what an honor, I’m glad you don’t take after his looks”

*Nervous laughs and chuckles coming from the woman*
“I’m going to kill you*Under her breath*

“Oh by the way”* throwing her some kind of gift* “Just to give you a glimpse at what I’m fighting for”

The gift changes into a mirror. “My reflection?”
“It’s nice to finally get a good look at yourself once and a while… I’d keep it away from him though”

A powerful energy being thrown towards the man, he quickly retreats back through his seal.

Rosetta begins to laugh, knowing very well it would only further enrage her father.


Taking me a long time, just the concept of the character is tricky, but I like how its coming along

The spicy competition.

These two characters. One you have this inexperience towards her passion, but would sacrifice more in order to succeed, her way of designing something to be unique, and the other has always been perfect towards her passion, but her inexperience towards thinking outside the box, something that would make them cheer and surprise people , instead she only receives acknowledgement for what she knows and expects to be true fashion.

I really thought this idea had soo much life to it. One side showing that if you stop or slow down you miss your chance, but also showing that the more time you take to consider something or a design, in the end a choice has to be made, but the end result proves more consideration for what people have yet to be shown that takes someone by surprise. A master verses the peoples champ

Not goth....not punk........ Goth punk sure. I always loved the style, I just would never wear something punk or goth. Appreciating the art style, but not going crazy overboard.

It was this whole idea about basing this other world on a style, one that would eventually incorporate itself with everything. I guess the main thing is colorful, these vibrant colors.

Just a sketch of one of my OC's. I don't think there is ever a time I don't think about new character designs, but It's more of how I can make each one different. I think this week I can get a lot more drawing done in terms of focus


Bored Trying to figure out how to squish the face and still keep it the same character.

For the boring train ride today before I drive



Emotions....... Yea, I think this is going to turn out swell. It's grabbing someone and pulling out every single emotion. It's actually fun and I enjoy it.

They don't teach you how to have fun, remember that

Always had this cool and bad ass design, just had to really work it out. This is mainly for practice, but I do have some kind of dialogue for this I will add later on today. Her name is Mercy. I was trying to figure out this drawing, I'm still working on it, this is kinda a practice run.

It's cool to just look at a drawing and visualize a scene. It would be one of my goals to really surround my characters with a scene that shows some life. Love drawing

Just felt like drawing a redhead.... I don't really have an explanation Maybe I have a thing for redheads, maybe I don't

Drawing seems to cancel out all of the bullshit, I just wish I could do this all day everyday/

Just felt like drawing this. Add Text later

Character Concept #5 Alexis the immovable

Character Concept #4- Uunga the Fierce

Character Concept #3- Queen of String

"Tied down by her duty, To lead by example, not by her actions, but her order. Her subjects bring about chaos to reform her citizens, but having no power over their actions; only their loyalty.

"The day I escape from my Bind, you will see a world of Horror and Order, without fear there is no correction. ( She digs her High heel into the center of the mans chest..... A curse was passed on) You think my play things are to be feared? I pull the strings Surface dweller, your world bellow has no place here. Your words are silenced, your views are corrupted...... and your hope for a better world will be replaced by the rightful suffering this world deserves"

Character Concept #2- Flare/

*Stretching* *Giggle* "Look Bobble, not all of them can move like we can, and even she is getting antsy, we should really hurry, Huh?." (Looking towards a frightened man)

"What the Fuck are you!?" (In a great deal of fear)

" OH no no, thats not the kind of language we need to be speaking in front of Mr Bobble. I'm trying to help you, but now you've gone and upset him ....... Do you like magic tricks? ( As MR Bobbles detaches from her fingertips, the strings that were once held by her hands violently begin to wrap around the mans head) Mr Bobbles has this amazing trick *Laughing*

The man begins to struggle in terror.

" Naughty boys with dirty mouths will have their tongue disappear ! *Giggle*

Ill give credit to nightwish for the creative flow, they just know how to open the gates

Character Concept #1-Strings of Sanity. A character held together by the worlds Sanity, and compressed by the Thoughts of Insanity, the tighter the bind; the more violent she becomes

I'll definitely re visit this concept, but for now I had to pay my respect for GMC.

GMC chan I thought, what the hell, It's pretty fun to turn your favorite brands. It's this whole way of going through the character that just brought a smile on. You know, you look at GM, Best of the Best, Keeping it professional, but adding that personal touch, because.... why not.

I like the idea of basing something off of a brand. I mean, crunchyroll did it, right? and when I do finalize my art style, It would bring me no greater Joy

This is where the red comes into play, that lifestyle assertion

The hater of all things. Just this miserable being that will always try to find the wrong in everything, even when she knows something is good enough, it would take someone of the highest tolerance, someone who knows how miserable someone wants to be will go that extra mile to show them, things could be better.

I guess something good can come from most things in life

Edit- this is mine and I'm not sharing. ....... Srsly

I feel that blonde would be a great way of showing a lot of animosity. I guess I always felt that there is more aggression as well as being kind. Maybe it was just This way of really standing out.

I think I had it all wrong before. Someone who is bright and happy should be those who speak up to others, to see what makes them happy, what motivates them.

It's something that was just itching to show up, but now that I think about it. Trying to stray from the norm, more of the way we live as opposed to others

With her Wrath comes justice

Lady Justice is blind.

Climbing over a fence that separated her from the wild. Everyday she would meet with four horses.

*Her hair blowing in the wind* A smile on her face that could only be brought on by the freedom of those horses. recognizing her they all begin to run towards her.

Luck or chance..... Perhaps there is peace within that song


* The man sits down at her table* "I had a sneaking suspicion that you might be of service to me"

"Enough of this ruse my dear. No man may be seated, no man may be acknowledge by my careless whim. Where are you?"

"She is our thoughts, our actions, the air we breathe, the words that bind" *smiling*

"How delightful" *Chaining him to the table and his seat* " No man may be seated, but let them be chained unto their evil intentions"

"What is this?"

*Piano now echos and surround the casino* "At this table you will abide by my rules, and all who listen.... My dear, I can play games just as grand, do not test me"

*Creating a deck of cards*

"Care to play a game?"

"It seems you have put everyone here in quite the predicament, but can you hold your ground?"

"Oh I'm sure we can think of something, you and your dog" *Evil laughter* "She thinks she can best me, you are sadly mistaken"

Now that takes me back

"Did he really have to put me in this thing? *Embarrassed*"

"You should be thankful he didn't just throw you in here with nothing. Ill admit he has good taste"* Floating next to her

"Easy, will you"

*They continue to walk the Casino floor, only to arrive at a bar, one she had been looking for*

"How did I know"

"Oh thank God!" In complete joy the floating head couldn't help but give in to her commitment"

* Arriving at the counter top she places an order to the woman on the other side*

" Scotch Whiskey, the best you have"

*The woman just stares at her*

"Ok....(Looking to the man next to her) What about you? " Holding up his arms, revealing that they are sharp as blades"

"What is this some kind of joke"

*The floating head goes behind the counter ready to select a bottle from the shelf*

" I guess you don't talk, heh, thats ok; I was never great with making small talk anyways"

*Continuing to stare at her, the floating head gets a glass ready, Scotch Whiskey on the rocks. Sliding it towards her she grabs it and takes a sip*

" *Blush* Not bad.... When did you have good taste?"

"Don't mention it. A woman like yourself needs it"

*The silent woman now speaks to her* "You're mine"

"I'm sorry?" Replying to her*

* Her dress glowing blue, They both stare each other down*

Greed Complex

*Sipping some hot tea*

"So you never had intentions of actually facing anyone?"

" Is it too soon to call you boy? Listen* Placing her cup down* Each person brings their personality and emotions to the table. Some want to prove something, some wish to Challenge others based on ideals, and maybe others are simply just emotionally dependant on another...... Me *chuckle* I enjoy my tea in midst of all the chaos" *Picking her cup up*

"but you never lifted a finger, how is it that nobody is concerned with you?"

"Maybe they will be in time, but for now I sit and observe. Is it any wonder people from the real world always seen me as unstable, because they all knew one way or another, I always get what I want"

"You say that so careless, did you really even care about anyone?"

"Do you play the Piano?" redirecting his focus

"What does that matter at a time like this?"

"Because I always loved a man who would set the mood for me. Remember Life isn't always about what you see on the surface...... Can I tell you something? and not coming from my ways, this is real to me"

"By all means go ahead"

"I learned if you want something in life, you have to be sure of the outcome beforehand. So when people do not respond back to you, they are either thinking about it, or simply wanting nothing to do with you, maybe they are to innocent of a person to actually figure out what the hell you are even saying, but when people hear the word honesty, truly, these words just do something to people. Being real is my reality, which is why I will always tell you my reality before honesty, and if by chance it is the other way around........ Well, of course I am only looking to find something"

"You're insane"

"*Laughing* like the animals who fight over each other, the ones who base their integrity over emotions and past experiences, when living in the moment is all you need in life"

"I can play"

"I would like that very much *closing her eyes taking another relaxing sip of tea*

Lets break out with style

Cruising up to its stop, a black limo parks at the front entrance of the casino.

"Last but not least"

" What do you think shes going to wear? *Almost in disgust*

"You really have it out for her don't you?"


The doors swing open and a man steps out first. Taking a quick glance over to the other two he gives them an infectious smile. Pulling out a woman that was attached to his wrist; she steps out with grace with her beautiful red dress.

Wearing just a simple uniform she seethes.

Back to the newly arrived couple" I just added something * Creating a rose hair piece for her

"Its beautiful" Spinning into his arms, they begin to walk towards entrance.

Slowly grinding her teeth she keeps her composure the closer they get. Meeting up with the two greeters.

"Welcome to the Dreamers Casino! Please, enjoy your stay *Smile*

" I didn't take you for the jealous type" The man replies. Walking away from them towards the entrance doors, the woman close to him begins to laugh.

" How dare you speak to me like that, how dare you, how dare you" Under her breath, she begins to raise her arms as a giant hammer appears in her hands ready to strike.

"We will have our hands full with this one my Love* both of their eyes glowing red* *smiling, awaiting their next move.

*Cracking knuckles*

Mandating, and seeking a Champion of a questionable tongue

" Christ, you're annoying"

"Oh I'm sorry, Cutting my head off wasn't annoying!"

*Curator* "Would you both be silent! I was gracious enough to give you a second chance, even a second chance has its setbacks however, but appropriated for use by the one in control. I give you a new start, now behave! you are starting to get on my nerves"

"Oh great Curator, would you be so kind *Speaking soft and obedient*"


"Could I exchange his head for a pair of hands, at least they will be of use to me elsewhere, you see a woman's touch can only go so far"

"*Anger* You are without a doubt the most unruly contestant I have ever seen! I'd rip! that tongue of yours out if it weren't for this opportunity"

"*Laughing like a smart ass* I wish you would, now are you done talking, or are you going to do what I say?"

*The voice vanishes*

"You are trouble, do you know that? * Floating near her*"

*Leaning on a stone ledge* *Chuckle* "What purpose does a head have...... To talk my ear off"

"To somehow set you straight!"

"*Sigh* Just stop talking"

"Oh no! I'm going to set you straight now for sure. I seen you back there; you chose to bring me back"

*Rolling eyes*

"You're worse than a child you know that? While everyone else utilizes their time, you wish to sulk alone... Proving what? You can do everything on your own? Well let me tell you something; you can't!"

" You have no Idea what I can do"

"Oh really, and what would that be? Proving to be a moron?"

"*Curious stare* You don't give up, do you?"

"That's right, and get use to it"

Over the hills and fAr away

"We don't need to move ever again, we're finally here"

"How did you know to come here?"

"They come to us now"

"You don't talk much, how will I ever ......."

*She grabs his hands, both of his arms now become blades. She now places them on her lower half*

"Link with me"

"Awfully close; don't you think? these things are sharp"


"Hmmm.... interesting, but how will it work?"

"It will help you Grow stronger" *A symbol begins to glow around her chest* "The longer we stay together like this, the stronger we become"

"The harder we strike, our speed will match.... We strike from within"

"Good....... Now we wait"

A crime of passion, caDence of her last breath

"They do not see your beauty like I do my love. Why do you hide your wings; you must show them"

Twirling her around in dance, she stay encased in metal like a cocoon.

" Show me your beauty, show me the face of a true Goddess"

Revealing only her face, the rest of her body still needs sculpting.

" A work of art you are!" *Running his hands along her neck, down to her arms, she takes shape* What have they done to you? Your face says it all. You hide from what? You do not wish to see the man who cares for you now? *Holding her close, he begins to Link with her* Do you hear that? It is trouble in the distance, they do not have Passion like you, they do not carry themselves like you...... Show me your Wrath. Worry not the space around you, unleash your fury mi amore"

She speaks to him "Never break this chain from us" *Smiling*

"Do you see it? That is our destiny..... Show them why they must fear us *Sinister grin*

What is A man?

"You will produce an army for me.... Not just any army, an army that will obey"

"Please end it"

"Do you know what I want from you? * squeezing his neck, his spine cracks* I want everything *Evil laughter* Your hopes, your dreams, Your sacrifices."

"Please! (Feeling pain)

"I want all of mens Anger! Hatred (Calming her voice) because there's nothing you can do to stop me, like a disease I will spread to all who stand in my way...... and there's nothing you can use against me.... A weak, helpless, fool.... You will provide an army for me*Pulling the lifeless man towards her* You will suffer for me, and you will know your rightful place in this world. Cry Havoc! and let slip the dogs of war.

Power was now realized

" We take only when necessary, we take only what is most important to us, we Chance only what we are willing to risk..... Understood?


" I have played this game countless times.......... But there is only one we must be careful of. She is resourceful, as expected she will rebuild. You must chance our encounters based on our approach. In the hands of anyone, it is a fools game, but we have one advantage.

" Should I put all of my faith on you? Your tactics seem to modest, are you really willing to sacrifice if our favor is to be denied"

" Faith has no place here, there is only success. If you follow me I can assure you that my ways will always have meaning, they will always have purpose. We shall rise to the top of power. I have given you a weapon more powerful than one could imagine..... Chance.... and when all is said and done, the final showdown will be decided by my hands"

"*Heh* *Grin* You are stronger than I expected, they should be worried...... I follow when ready"

* Staring off beyond the desolate wasteland*

And so the Hammer strikes

" They are too slow, we already have two (Laugh) I can't believe what a waste of time this is!"

" You have not used your first, what good would another one do you?"

"Don't get any ideas! Just punch! That's all you have to do"

" You also never linked to me, then we might not have to disagree"

" Chains slow us down, slow us down, slow us down!"

"I think we should plan our attack, stop taking what you haven't even used to your advantage"

" More, More. The more we have; you'll see!"

"Start thinking!* Grabbing her shoulder*" her eyes go Cold* She strikes him with her Giant Hammer* *Blocking it with his powerful Hand a sudden force is created that shakes the earth*

"Now you take the fight to your only help"

"I was just checking if you were of any use to me" *The end of her hammer glows with power* *Evil Grin* Thinking will stop us, now move!"

If I am to speak, You must have a vision.

" I need you to do something for me *Binding him with chains* We work together from now on, but this is where I need you. If you speak for me, you must be blind to your own vision. This isn't a request, do not fail me.

There is something I desire, something I envy, but words never had much meaning to me, maybe someone like you could look within your own mind, and maybe... ( Switching voices) Just maybe, we can show them who is the real victor.

"What is this?" "I know it's dark now, just try to focus on my voice"

" Is this what you speak of?" " Do you believe it to?"....." Show me eyes that will guide our path, 6 shall be our focus"

"Good, now use your words as a weapon, we have work to do"

Pull me out

On the verge of death, frozen...... just willing to fall asleep forever. I remember feeling something, but just barely enough to stay awake.

* A whimpering dog trying to Comfort her*

*In the distance* "Shes not dead yet; take it easy..... You know, I hope you're happy"

I don't remember much, but I remember apologizing.

" Please, don't apologize, you almost just died, and we should probably be taking this more seriously. However I recommend you stop crying, Shes just going to feel guilty until you stop, not to sound like an asshole, but crying is just going to make matters worse"

*Laughing* That's all I could do, and the fact I was bawling my eyes out.... I guess I felt really happy when Something out there reached back for me.

*Licking away her tears*

" How many fingers am I holding up? ( giving her the middle finger)

She holds up one of her own " That's ...... That's rude by. the way, you should *Cough! Cough*"

"Alright, alright. At least we know you're useful. Recovery is sometimes hard for most people. Lilly, get off will you"

"It's alright *Smiling*" Life starts to come back to her eyes*

"Unfortunately for you, we're going back the way you came, why you would think leaving would be a good solution is beyond me..... But I guess you found me. look I'm not one for believers in.... hmmm pretty much anything, but you got a lucky break; I'm feeling generous. Are you any good with a bow?"


"You will be, now get up"

A secret

*Grabbing something immediately to cover herself up from further embarrassment*

" Shit, guys what the fuck?"

" Don't look at us! it's not like you weren't going to find out sooner or later"

* Running after her out the back Exit* He opens the door.

*Door closing behind him*

Seeing her curled up and embarrassed sitting on a bench. a first in a long time she says nothing.

" When were you going to tell me?"

"I didn't want you to know"

* Sitting down next to her*

"Look.... I wont ask you why, I mean we all have our reasons, Right? Just like with me sometimes"

" I didn't want you to see me like that"

" You know, I have a hard time believing that"

" You! Ok!? I dont want you seeing me doing this...... "

" So, now look at you. I never seen you so defeated before. Its like you think I'm going to think less of you "

"What would he think *Crying*

" If somethings really bothering you, you need to tell me"

"I don't need to tell you!......You... You need to tell me....You need to promise me"

"Promise you what? You sound like you don't trust me"

*Grabbing him by his shirt* "Don't Fuck me over!"

* Trying to hide a smile she puts her face against his chest"

" Is it that time of the month again?"

"Shut up* Chuckle* who even got you to come here anyways?"

"It was Saps birthday, so Josh...."

"I'm going to kill him!!!" * getting off of his chest, he has to hold her back"

"Take it easy* what she used to cover herself up falls off her*

"*blush* * Gasp*

"You know, getting a better look it doesn't leave much to the imagination"

* Pushing him up against the wall *

"Easy. Someone could come out the exit"

" It's ok..... He's standing guard * Smirk* *Working her way"

Behind the door, a man stands leaning behind it.

*He cracks a smile* He pulls out an earpiece and pockets it. " Keep it up kid"

Rosettas declaration

" You speak for him now to. You disappoint your Leader, as he would mention once he hears about this"

" Do not bring him up to me! What kind of a leader sees not in the benefits of both races"

" Hold your tongue, do not speak on behalf of those who hunt us, do you wish to be disciplined? regardless of your title it will not hold up when speaking treason among your people"

"You never listened! Why do you always take his side!?. * Getting close to the statue like figure* Why dont you speak for yourself? Who did I once know!?"

"Why do you say these things Rosetta? Why do you speak of these Slayers like they are to be trusted? You know how long I have watched over you, and to throw away everything for what? You disappoint me if this decision will be continued further "

* Walking away with disgust* "You are all the same....... He was right. Try to reason with those you call family, and the ones in control have nothing to fear but their own clouded judgement. We are meant to hate when instead we need only to find room to learn....* Turning towards her* Tell my father if he wishes to punish me, he would have to rise from his throne and pull me back himself!

Before I forgot what I was supposed to be doing, I wanted to get this feeling out there. When all else fails, trust your instincts, trust your words, and most importantly; embrace yourself and your decisions.

So take that, and create a conscience surrounding it. Evil, Good, what does it mean, what does it mean to the person in question. Will we recognize a situation, will we acknowledge our own independence based on our decisions. What happened? What will happen, and what will you allow to happen.

Mixed in we have these specific lessons. Something to fear, Something to accept, and something to control. Now take that and create a conscience surrounding it.


This is Coco

"look at this world, isn't it full of evil?"


" You should listen with both ears Bitch!"

"Why? So can fill my thoughts"

" You and your Rules, yet you always leave an ear open to evil"

" This city has both sides, and I suggest you stay on the other side, Demon"

"*Laughter* As we speak I will exist; for this world is full of evil. Don't you remember the day I became your reality? You are the one who brought this on yourself, you couldn't just accept what happened"

"*Crossing the street*"

" Good, that's all you're good for, walking away from the truth"

"Shut up!"

*On lookers begin to stare at her with confusion* The voice vanishes

Just another character concept, this is going to be like a gargoyle style

I couldn't get my head straight the other day, like my mind was telling me to draw something else, so I did, and then it started to turn out to be some punk looking design, but then I started thinking about pirates and treasure.

So yeah, like this stand alone character who was cursed to be forever rich with her search for treasure, but at the price of her body deteriorating rapidly, breaking down if she doesn't set her course, if she doesnt have eyes on seeking that goal in mind. So it gives this sense of progression that it never stops, that when things try to prevent her from moving, that she would have the skills to be able to always find a way out. Maybe through all of the madness and adventure, people get to know a little more about her. Like clues you would get to finding a treasure. So her character doesnt take any guff, shes going to get what she wants whether you like it or not, I just thought that was refreshing for me, for what I would love to work on.

It just flashed, So another story that I think could turn out interesting I don't sit there and think about it, it just comes to me in waves, so I needed to just get the Idea down

Going through a lot of fun ideas and concepts.

Winters Morrow, an idea that just blossomed, it literally exploded with life the moment I had the idea. It was about maybe a year or two when I actually sat down and really invested some time into the whole structure of the story. So I started this a couple days ago just to get my starting point for a drawing, then I finished another drawing; came back to this after looking and studying some tutorials, and everything just started to become a little bit more clear. Work from the spine, use it as a center point for everything, and spread out, start identifying each body part, section everything off; start imagining everything in 3d.

I know it doesn't look amazing right now, but believe me, it is helping to just put this in your mind and really start to remind yourself that perspective starts with simple shapes guiding your characters, and once you get good enough you can find many other ways to skip these basic steps and just take off.

This story, having a dog as one of the main characters, I just thought having this animal being so animated towards other characters; it creates this unique way of telling a story. I love it

One of my Ideas that was just adorable. At least I think it is. Its basically a story about two artists who eventually share the common struggle, but at the same time; going through a relationship that highlights such relatable situations.

In all honesty I was thinking about what to draw today, but all that came up was this idea. As soon as I hit that certain starting point, I knew I was reminded of that little obsession . The Game of love (Michelle Branch and Carlos Santana) was soon after put on repeat, and I was feeling it.

This was the result I guess.

The one Idea that was absolutely absurd, but soo amazing at the same time

14 characters, all in depth and detailed. Thinking about it just overloads my mind, but thats the beauty of it. Everything just fits, everything just seems to work. The amount of actual detail that goes into this story Its not even about having 7 characters individually become a separate ideology from one another, I think its the fact that every single character gives a performance worthy of praise. Soo many emotions and dreams; I cant even keep up. Its not just showing you the right way of thinking, it's showing you how each Sin ultimately embraces a true victor. When one would die restless, where another would come to terms with their salvation, it's something so far beyond my actual grasp, but how much I want this to be true. Sins Of A Dream Catcher

7 day challenge complete ( Alright we took 8 days, but there was a good reason for it).

Day 1- I started off with Sloth because When I starting drawing, it always just reminded me of the original version I drew of her, with the added partner that turned out decent I guess. At first I wanted this whole Nordic kinda vibe; you know just really resilient and straight up dangerous without truly proving to be a threat, but in the whole scheme of things, shes probably one of the stronger characters, like the unspoken hero type. Again I can go madly into detail, but id much rather get a rough idea of what to expect. Its like the most condensed story ever, but at the same time your mind is being blown away ]

Day 2- Once you start to get a feel for a certain Sin, thats when you start to identify with it. The only difference is that what you see is what you get. What you see is what you will get This one came out good. I know is sloppy, but i haven't been pumping out content like this. I always loved the design for Greed. Probably one of the most dangerous Characters within the story. Utilizing her servant in such a way, she is far beyond the level of others.

Day 3-

Day 4- Not that bad of a concept. I
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as artists we are our worst critic, people find our works to be great, to us they never seem finished, there's always things we could have added/taken away. but, what you could do is different drawings for different ideas and have them setting aside and see which one fits the best and/or what someone else feels fits the best. not every time does what we like does someone else like sort of thing. but I prefer to work on one project at a time, I have the rare ability to switch between works and able to keep them as two separate ideas, but, I've found one strict focus to be more productive. best of luck and nice start out.
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dude die i think
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eracee wrote:

dude die i think

MMM, not dead, Working on another.

unless you are telling me to die, which I don't think I can do that right now unless I decided to jump off a bridge
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modesty isnt a mouse
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I don't know if I will ever finish writing it. I can barely go over small scenes without wanting to make huge rewrites. The plot gets so deep sometimes it's strangling me.
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AedonBlackheart wrote:

I don't know if I will ever finish writing it. I can barely go over small scenes without wanting to make huge rewrites. The plot gets so deep sometimes it's strangling me.

Yeah, I get the feeling. It's not so much where I want the story to go, it's the in between part that gets me.

Not for these stories, these two are a breeze compared to my Main story. I don't have to put in that much detail in terms of plot.

I always rewrite my stories until you can finally say something is done. Even just taking time off you come back stronger than you were.
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Humms wrote:

AedonBlackheart wrote:

I don't know if I will ever finish writing it. I can barely go over small scenes without wanting to make huge rewrites. The plot gets so deep sometimes it's strangling me.

Yeah, I get the feeling. It's not so much where I want the story to go, it's the in between part that gets me.

Not for these stories, these two are a breeze compared to my Main story. I don't have to put in that much detail in terms of plot.

I always rewrite my stories until you can finally say something is done. Even just taking time off you come back stronger than you were.

True. My big issue is that my main story is the crux from which all my other stories spawn. It is literally the beam that holds the tower which holds all of existence.
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AedonBlackheart wrote:

Humms wrote:

AedonBlackheart wrote:

I don't know if I will ever finish writing it. I can barely go over small scenes without wanting to make huge rewrites. The plot gets so deep sometimes it's strangling me.

Yeah, I get the feeling. It's not so much where I want the story to go, it's the in between part that gets me.

Not for these stories, these two are a breeze compared to my Main story. I don't have to put in that much detail in terms of plot.

I always rewrite my stories until you can finally say something is done. Even just taking time off you come back stronger than you were.

True. My big issue is that my main story is the crux from which all my other stories spawn. It is literally the beam that holds the tower which holds all of existence.

You need to start looking at why trees have branches, how we can finally view something as not just being created from the idea, but how we can envision multiple world's.

My main story is created from scratch; where as my others have a starting point.

I can say that my Main story is far beyond the capabilities of my other stories. Have your ideas sorted out before the foundation.

Sometimes we need to see the bigger picture. What do I want people to see

What people never knew they needed to see.
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Your vanishing points are all over the place:

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sundin13 wrote:

Your vanishing points are all over the place:

The Table could use a little work, but the tablet was the one thing I actually made sure was correctly positioned. The wall is clearly off. I did like how the balcony turned out though, it just felt cool to have this nice view almost an hour and a half to get to that point, but I realize there are issues.

I'm not the greatest with backgrounds. I guess my perspective wanted to see more when it actually isn't even aligned properly. I basically just put something together without planning it, like the concepts there, it's just that I was focused too much on the character, and then I just half assed the space around them.

I'm still learning. Especially when I just do everything by eye, I don't really go by any guide lines or grids. I need to be familiar with simple shapes first before I can properly apply myself. Backgrounds take just as much work, probably even more so than character design. Again, it's a process
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Humms wrote:
came back to this after looking and studying some tutorials, and everything just started to become a little bit more clear. Work from the spine, use it as a center point for everything, and spread out, start identifying each body part, section everything off; start imagining everything in 3d.

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Stubborn by nature nothing anyone can do about it unless I find the the perfect results

Good thing I'm a really good sponge for good source material. I guess it's hard for me to listen, it just has to be right for me. I learned and applied more in 1 day than I have in 1 year on my own. Well, I guess I have greater experience on drawing tablets after using them for almost 2 years, so that counts for something. making up for lost time you can say.
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Humms wrote:
Stubborn by nature nothing anyone can do about it unless I find the the perfect results

Good thing I'm a really good sponge for good source material. I guess it's hard for me to listen, it just has to be right for me. I learned and applied more in 1 day than I have in 1 year on my own. Well, I guess I have greater experience on drawing tablets after using them for almost 2 years, so that counts for something. making up for lost time you can say.

Not to say I told you so, but I told you so ;)

Anyways, I decided to look up that Youtuber that you mentioned and he has a pretty great tutorial on how to draw eyes from an angle, which is something I've always been pretty terrible at, so I've been drawing eyes all day. His stuff is pretty good.
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sundin13 wrote:

Not to say I told you so, but I told you so ;)

Anyways, I decided to look up that Youtuber that you mentioned and he has a pretty great tutorial on how to draw eyes from an angle, which is something I've always been pretty terrible at, so I've been drawing eyes all day. His stuff is pretty good.

The guy just clicks, and hes exactly what I'm looking for. There are a lot of tutorials out there, but he seems to understand exactly what people want to see IMO. his work is soo clean
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