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Let Your Inner Poet Be Free

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Posted 2/12/19 , edited 2/20/19
Cracks at the edge

Discord of the mind
Breaking, Cracking around the edge
Whispers, all around
Who am I, Who are we?
Breaking, Shattering of the thought
Voices all around…
No order to be found
Chaos within its duality
Two entities arise
One of order and just
The other of wrath and fury, Cold of heart
Each a part, of the entity known as me.
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19 / M / varies
Posted 2/20/19 , edited 2/21/19
Buried anger

Bound, broken, trapped beneath
Locked away, forever sheathed
Hidden within, lurking underneath
A creature lurks, formed of
Wrath and fury, truly cold of heart
It raves and claws endlessly searching
Biding for escape
Longing for the day, it may be unsheathed
Should that time come, all will know
How deeply the scars lie underneath
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19 / M / In the Southern H...
Posted 2/20/19 , edited 2/21/19
I never wanted this life
I never made a choice
I never threw the dice
It was like one two and thrice
Been encased in ice
Freezing in self loathing I came into the world as Walt
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Posted 3/6/19 , edited 3/7/19
On the Eve of my Grandfather's Open-Heart Surgery

Heart of the Land.
A man, eternal as stone;
Which is to say, not eternal at all.

But weathered.
And tough.
And grey.

A loose fixture in the red dust,
blowing ever away.
By the billowing winds of Time

My crime
is that I did not appreciate your rugged face
Till right here, near the end.

You quiet unimposing old rock!
What will these drifting pebbles gather around,
when you finally tumble on?

Only when your near gone,
did i realize that I took for granted
the shade of your back.

My Rock of Ages
aged under the sun,
and is half way in the Earth.

If I could achieve your weight of worth
I would be proud.
Even as you lighten by the day.

But you are not away yet!
And I have learned
to cherish your foundation beneath my heart.

So do not start your journey yet,
Old Boulder.
I won't accept your end!

I still depend
on your cool embrace,
and craggy smile.

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