Santa Company: The Secret of Christmas Looks to Sleigh the Box Office in December of 2019

Original film by Kenji Itoso will play as a double-feature with eco-fantasy "Coluboccoro"

A team of Santas prepares to deliver presents on Christmas Eve in Santa Company: The Secret of Christmas.


Just in time for the holiday season and celebrating the 100th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and Finland, an original anime theatrical film entitled Santa Company: Christmas no Himitsu ("The Secret of Christmas") is heading to Japanese cinemas in December of 2019.


The staff for Santa Company: The Secret of Christmas includes:


  • Original work, screenplay, director: Kenji Itoso
  • Character design: Hidari
  • Production studio: Asahi Production
  • Production planning: starry cube
  • Production: KENJI STUDIO


The movie poster for Santa Company: The Secret of Christmas, featuring teams of Santas delivering presents on magically-propelled sleds.


The cast for Santa Company: The Secret of Christmas includes:


Noel, a young girl with blond hair, doesn't seem to be in the Christmas spirit.


Kana Hanazawa as Noel.


A member of the Santa Company, Bell is a young boy who seems a little too eager about delivering presents.


Yūki Kaji as Bell.


Thomas, a young boy with mousy hair and freckles, is a little too excited about Christmas.


Rie Kugimiya as Thomas.


Mint, a young girl with green hair, is excited to be a member of the Santa Company.


Haruka Tomatsu as Mint.


Pedro, a sharp-looking young man with dark hair and glasses, is smiling to himself.


Takahiro Sakurai as Pedro.


Director Nicholas, a middle-aged fellow with the face of a middle manager.


And Yūsuke Kondō as Director Nicholas.



The story of Santa Company: The Secret of Christmas follows Noel, a girl who isn't feeling in the holiday spirits since her parents have divorced and she's spending Christmas alone in Yokohama since her father is busy with work. There Noel discovers that an organization called "Santa Company" is recruiting, and she decides to join up after meeting children her own age who help deliver presents for Santa Claus.


The movie poster for the science fiction eco-fantasy film, Coluboccoro.


Santa Company: The Secret of Christmas will be released in Japanese theaters as a double-feature with Coluboccoro, a 2007 science fiction eco-fantasy animated film also by Kenji Studio. Santa Company: The Secret of Christmas was conceived as a short film in 2014, and both Santa Company: The Secret of Christmas and Coluboccoro have been revised and expanded for their December 2019 theatrical release.




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