Final Fantasy XIV-Themed Plan is Now Available at Wedding Hall in Kobe

The hall can offer various weapons from the game to the bride and groom


Square Enix started accepting orders for a new original wedding plan inspired by its online game

Final Fantasy XIV today on May 22. It is a collaboration project with Kobe-based company Bridal

Heart's wedding hall "Deuxzero." 


To make a vow of everlasting love, the bride and groom can wear various costumes, accessories,

and weapons from the game world. During the ceremony, a large-sized liquid crystal 4K display set

up in the hall show the game's memorable scenes for the two. All of the costumes including tuxedo

and dress, weapons, accessories, the design of the hall, and music for the ceremony are supervised

by the development and operation team of Final Fantasy XIV.



"Final Fantasy XIV Wedding"





Source: Bridal Heart press release 


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