Fuji TV Launches BL-Themed Anime Label "BLUE LYNX"

Its first title will be announced at 12:00 pm on April 26, 2019 (JST)

Japanese TV network Fuji TV newly launched a BL (Boys Love)-themed anime label "BLUE LYNX," and opened its official website and Twitter today.


The label's first title will be a feature film adaptation of a popular BL manga, and it will be revealed on the website and Twitter at 12:00 pm on April 26, 2019 (JST).




Until the announcement day, an illustration short story "Gekkou wa Kimi no Sasayaki" (Moonlight is your

whisper) collaborated by novelist Shion Miura (Run with the Wind) and illustrator Yoko Tanji will be posted

on the site one page per day.




Source: "BLUE LYNX" official al website and Twitter


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