Black Clover's Asta and Noelle('s Dub Actors) Are Engaged!

Dallas Reid and Jill Harris make it official on Twitter


While the Asta and Noelle shippers among you are waiting for your ship to come in, may we interest you in a real-life alternative?


Last week, voice actress Jill Harris (Noelle in the English-language dub of Black Clover) took to Twitter to show off a photo of herself and her fiancé at her local Renn Faire. The fiancé in question just so happened to be Dallas Reid — the dub voice of Asta!



Fellow voice actors including Monica Rial and Micah Solusod were among the first to congratulate the pair, and the ensuing thread is (understandably) full of quality Black Clover GIFs.


Black Clover isn't the only series they've both been in. They've also appeared together in Kakuriyo: Bed and Breakfast for Spirits, Sakura Quest, and others. But we can't help but appreciate the synchronicity of this pairing.


We wish both Jill and Dallas all the best!






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