City Hunter The Movie Has Crossed 1.5 Billion Yen Mark in Japan

Ryo VA Akira Kamiya: "I would like to share this pleasure with all the staff and audience."



The official website for City Hunter The Movie: Shinjuku Private Eyes, the all-new anime film based on

Tsukasa Hojo's City Hunter action comedy manga series in 1985-1991, reported today that it had earned

an impressive 1,502,665,440 yen on 1,058,102 admissions by April 15 in two months since its release

in Japan on February 8. It has now become the third top-grossing Japanese anime film of this year, only

behind Doraemon the Movie 2019 Nobita's Chronicle of the Moon Exploration (4.69 billion yen) and

Detective Conan: The Fist of Blue Sapphire (1.88 billion yen).



The 95-minute film featuring all original voice cast including 71-year-old Akira Kamiya as the protagonist

Ryo Saeba and 58-year-old Kazue Ikura as the main heroine Kaori Makimura was released in 251 theaters

across Japan on February 8, and ranked fourth with 257 million yen in its first weekend. Since then, it has

continued its steady box office run supported by positive critics and audience reviews.



Akira Kamiya and Tsukasa Hojo have posted messages of thanks to the fans on the film's website:


Akira Kamiya:


"City Hunter The Movie: Shinjuku Private Eyes was first created with the passion of the people who tried

to revive this series and the passionate thoughts of the staff who loved it. In addition, it was followed by

the audience who had waited for City Hunter for many years and visited the theaters many times. Then 

even new people who did not the series joined. The chain of 'City Hunter Love' has became a big crystal.

Many of my dreams came true. I am really happy. I would like to express my sincere appreciation for

participating in this fascinating series and share this pleasure with all the staff and audience. Thank you

very much."



Tsukasa Hojo:


"I thought it would be just fantastic if only the fans could gather in theaters in its first week of release.

But it has been betraying my expectations in all ways, including ranking in the top 10 and the long run

of over two months. I can't help giving a cry of joy, wow! (laugh). Thanks to everyone who watched it

for the first time, and those who came many times!" 





"City Hunter The Movie: Shinjuku Private Eyes" trailer



Source: "City Hunter The Movie: Shinjuku Private Eyes" official website 


(C)Tsukasa Hojo/NSP, "2019 Gekijyoban City Hunter" Production Committee


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