Get Ready To Cry Over The Newest Detective Pikachu Trailer

I have come here to watch Pokémon and sob, and I'm all out of Pokémon



One of my greatest jobs here at Crunchyroll has been covering the Detective Pikachu trailers and finding the new Pokémon in each one that you may have missed. I've done this three separate times and I haven't stopped loving it, mainly because as we get closer and closer to the actual film's release date, the trailers reassure me over and over that, oh, my, this movie might actually be very good. If you had asked me ten years ago whether or not a live action American movie about Pikachu solving mysteries would be worth watching, I probably would've laughed at you and then kept blabbering about The Dark Knight to anyone that would listen. But now, it's neck and neck with Godzilla: King of the Monsters in the race to be the 2019 movie that I'm most excited for. 



The latest trailer celebrates Earth Day, something that becomes immediately apparent as the trailer uses Louis Armstrong's "What A Wonderful World." But there also isn't a shot in the thing that portrays the Pokémon world as anything less than a gorgeous place that's filled with the cutest little biological abominations in the universe. So let's run through the ones you may have missed and also some of the ones that you definitely didn't.






Okay, most importantly, this trailer is Kanto Starter Central. They all get time to shine in here, and the first one that shows up is Charmander, my favorite starter Pokémon. There are two of them here and they are FROLICKING SO HARD. No one has ever frolicked as hard as these two flaming lizards are frolicking and if anything bad happens to them, I will eat the Hollywood sign out of rage. And then no one will be able to make movies anymore because they won't know where to find them. So don't cross me, Warner Bros.






These two Squirtles are having a delightful time in this pond, and I SWEAR if they don't keep having a great day, I will BE UNPLEASANT TO RYAN REYNOLDS ON TWITTER. You're the ones that made these Pokémon so cute, Warner Bros., and in doing so, you have FORCED MY HAND.






How could you do this to me, Legendary Pictures (in association with The Pokémon Company and Warner Bros?) I woke up this morning thinking that my day would be normal but now I'm clutching my laptop and shouting at cars about how important Bulbasaur's happiness is to me. The cops have been called and my wife is staying with her sister for a little while. This is YOUR FAULT.


Anyway, this trailer also has some other critters that haven't been properly highlighted in my past articles, including this awesome herd of Morelull...




....this young Sneasel that is out on the town...




....this very helpful Braviary...




....and this one-two punch of a few Pancham's hanging out with their big Pangoro Dad and a Treecko that's getting a piggy back ride.




And while not a Pokémon, another neat detail is in the coffee shop. Behind the Jigglypuff, there's a poster that advertises a rumble between a Machamp and a Primeape. This means that even in a world where most political and social decisions are based around who wins a fight between laser monsters, we still bizarrely have combat sports. 




This is all super cool, because most of these aren't really Pokémon household names. It would've been easy to just insert the classic 150 and not even acknowledge that there have been six complete generations of new monsters since then. But Detective Pikachu isn't a nostalgia act meant to reassure those that dropped off the Pokémon fandom in 1999 that they're still the most important fans out there. This is a Pokémon film that embraces all twenty plus years of this franchise's history. And I couldn't be happier about that.


Finally, we have this shot of the crying lead character being reassured by Pikachu. And honestly, it may as well be a reflection of everyone watching the trailer right now. 




This film is gonna make us cry about Pokémon, isn't it? Oh, jeez. It is. And not just "Aww, these characters are relatable and this film was suitably pleasant," tears but "Bye Bye Butterfree" tears. Remember that episode of the anime, where Ash Ketchum released his Butterfree so that it could be with the other Butterfree? That kind of "I'm gonna cover my face with my hoodie so that no one can see how much I'm sobbing" tears. 




I haven't had one of those in a few years. The last time I cried about Pokémon, I was living in Brooklyn and watching the Sun and Moon anime and having a vodka cranberry, as one does. Then they got to the part of the ending theme where Ash swings Pikachu around and the lyrics talk about how glad he is to have met his best friend. And then I looked at my dog Elmer and just bawled. You're my little Pikachu, buddy, and I forgive you for ripping apart the new loofah I bought yesterday.




So if you cried over this trailer or if you're an adult that's wondering if it's gonna be safe to cry during this movie, you're totally cool. Detective Pikachu premieres on May 10, so I don't know how many more new trailers we're gonna get. But you can bet that if we get another, it'll be covered here at Crunchyroll.


What Pokémon were you most happy to see in the trailer? Are you gonna see Detective Pikachu? Let us know in the comments!





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